Is there a way to add Spectrum Sportsnet?

I have a subscription to Cox San Diego. I would like to be able to watch the Spectrum Sportsnet channel through Channels Plus/DVR. I am able to log into their website ( and watch their live stream with my Cox login.

Thank you for your help and this wonderful program!

Have you added your cox login and setup TV Everywhere in your Channels DVR? Not sure if that particular channel is supported but it might be!

Yes I have added my login. All channels I wanted to watch through this service are available except for this one. I was hoping there was a way to force add the channel on my end. If not maybe program it in.

As I am able to login through their website, I thought there might be a way.

Sportsnet uses antiquated flash technology to stream so it's not compatible with our DVR

Thank you for your quick reply. I was surprised to see I needed flash to play the content when I tried it earlier today. Your response makes perfect sense. Hopefully in the future they will change their content delivery.

Thanks again

Isn't Google dropping Flash soon? I get a pop up Everytime I open chrome m

I hear ya O.P. Having my Lakers games included in this app would be a perfect world for me lol. Hopefully the death of flash means changes for the Spectrum streaming services.

Looks like SportsNet website has moved away from Flash now. @tmm1, would you be able to take another look at adding this?