Issue when using ch+/- and quick guide to change channels

I've recently discovered an issue when using ch up/down and quick guide to change channels. They seemingly "detach" - where ch+/- would not "see" where the quick guide tuned to.

I can reproduce this issue on both my Fire TV 4k and Tivo Stream 4k - i.e. Android and Android TV - both beta and appstore versions.

To reproduce:

  • tune to a channel (e.g. 5.1)
  • change to another channel using ch + (pg up) (e.g. 5.2)
  • change to a different channel using the quick guide (e.g. 25.1)
  • try ch + again

it would not change to the next station from the station tuned to (e.g. from 25.1 to 25.2), but from the previously switched to station by ch+ (e.g. to 5.3)

hard to describe ... :smiley:

Do you have the app set to Favorites for channel surfing?

No, both (Quick Guide and Channel Surfing) are set to "All Channels".
That was my first assumption as well.

It works fine before using ch+/-. I.e. using quick guide and then switching using ch+/- works fine. However, after that it doesn't any more.
I can take a video if you want me to.

Okay I understand now, thanks.

I'm uploading a new beta version with a fix. You can get it either automatically through the play store (via or using Settings > Support > Install Beta in the app (which will install a separate beta app).

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Thank you, that fixed the issue!

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