Issue with Fox Sport/Bally Sports Channels

I am having issues with Fox Sports/Bally sports channels. Anyone else having an issue?


Can you elaborate?

They are not working since the change over from fox sports to bally sports.

Authentication errors

Mine is working fine (former Fox Sports Ohio). I would think if there was a widespread issue we’d see a lot of reports here on the forums.

This is @tmm1 's wheelhouse. I tagged so he will see this thread.

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I too am having issues. fs2go not entitled. ATT U verse

I think it may be a Fox/Bally sports or ATT issue. Attempting to log into the FSGo app with U-verse creds results in this:

I am having the same issue with ATT Uverse and Fox Sports Southwest. Same error as above. Going to call Att later today.

It worked fine last week.

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Can you let us know how it goes please

It looks like its an issue nationwide for ATT customers.

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Same issue here with Bally Wisconsin. Same error as McBroseph, "fs2go:not-entitled". Also a u-verse subscriber.

Mine is working OK - watched Royals vs. Indians today. Spectrum KC via TV Everywhere.

I am a little disappointed to see that it is coming in at 30fps and not 60. Is that normal?


I don't know of any TV Everywhere stream from a network's website that is serving anything other than 30fps content.

For higher quality streams, you need to use either a cable/broadcast source, or a network's first-party app.

And supposedly US is a leading country in the world, huh. expensive slow internet and cheap solution for streaming because why not. and those regional sport network where size of region is larger than many countries :smiley:

Spoken as a true foreign dissident.

Let me know when two members of the same sex can be married in your country before criticizing ours. Or about women's health issues, including abortions and other women's rights.

Sure, Europe has great internet. But some of their social policies—especially in the east—leave much to be desired.

(Of course, the inferiorities of American society aren't enough to stop you from using a VPN/DNS service to circumvent our laws so you can consume our content, are they?)

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I am now not getting guide data for these channels

Fox RSNs are incredibly fickle. I trust them as far as I can toss a 2ton pickup

Streaming is working again through channels and the foxsports app. I have u-verse.

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I’m on WoW cable and unable to get the channel to load:

2021/04/10 23:12:18.990716 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6206: TVE: unimplemented channel
2021/04/10 23:12:19.055718 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6206-dANY-ip192.168.0.123: TVE: unimplemented channel
2021/04/10 23:12:19.055779 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch6206-dANY-ip192.168.0.123