Issues with TVE

I am experiencing issues with TVE.

  • HGTV reporting: 403: (access.denied.missingpackage)
  • Comedy Central reporting: notAuthorized: A network error occured when communicating with the provider's authorization service

I was experiencing the HGTV issue (along with other Discovery networks) using the last stable release. I downloaded the Pre-release in hopes that it would fix the issue, but has not.

Current release in use is 2022.06.20.0235

They are working in XFINITY what provider are you on ?

All my Discovery networks and CC are working on Spectrum. Agree with @Edwin_Perez that we need some more information about your setup. Most importantly your provider. Can you view the live streams on the corresponding websites?

Also check out
TVE Troubleshooting tips

Iā€™m using FiOS and am able to view via their websites.

C-Span here. Failed playback. Every other channel works however.
(Ps. I hate c-span and would rather watch paint dry.)

Update to pre-release by clicking the down arrow next to Check for Update and selecting the second option

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