ITV HD Frame rate issue


I have been using channels for several weeks now after switching all the TV's in my home across to Firestick 4K's, overall we are really pleased and they work perfectly.

The only issue we seem to be having is with ITV it plays really well most of the time but when there is a lot of flashing lights of fast movement on the screen it suddenly looks very juddery. I think the correct terminology is that there is an issue with the frame rate, please accept my apologise if that is nothing to do with the issue.

The I tried changing the setting to refresh rate matching but that doesn't seem to fix the issue, I am wondering if changing the decoder with hardware would fix the issue?

I am unable to test this though as with the current glitch in the Amazon 4k the device freezes after a few second of hardware decoding. I believe this is due to be fixed in the next firmware release, if so that is great news if this fixes the ITV issue but would ideally like to know if that is the case?

Thanks very much for any help and advice


Yes we expect this will be fixed once Amazon fixes the Hardware decoder. The Software decoder can't keep up with 60fps and is dropping frames which is the judder you're seeing.


That's great news, should make the experience even better when this happens.

Is there any way Channels could send out an email when Amazon fix the issue? Amazon will just automatically update and I wont even notice but when that happens I need to go round and switch each device from software to hardware.