Jumped on board with Apple TV today

After doing some research over the past few days I finally decided to pick up an Apple TV 4K.
I did some pros and cons and after weighing out what I dislike about the Nvidia Shield against what I have read about the Apple TV I figured I would give it a try.
I have to say that I am impressed. After fixing the initial issue with a washed-out looking screen and some choppy playback on some imported TV shows that were downloaded with Audials I am pretty happy so far. I read the forums for the handling of the above and it's working great now.

I have one question that I am not sure if it's normal or not. It's not a big deal, but a little annoying. Whenever I playback a video file, as the initial spinning circle starts and right before the video starts an image will pop up on the screen from whatever the last video I was watching. It goes away when the video starts playing. It just looks odd and I have never seen this happen on any other device before.

My switch was partially due to the fact that watching certain networks there is that bug in the Shield hardware that gives you the artifacts. This happens whether watching live or recordings from those networks.

Another factor was that there are two apps that I like to use that aren't available for Google TV at all and I didn't want to get into sideloading and all the trouble that entails if it doesn't work quite right. Plus, I know the Devs put more attention on the Apple devices since I believe that is where they started all this.

I have decided to go all in with Channels as my software for playing all my media. I was going back and forth between Channels, Emby and Plex and have just decided that especially for recording everything Channels is just easier. Between the commercial skipping and tweaking of shows after they've been scanned it's just less effort overall.

I haven't finished exploring everything in the app yet, but so far I love it. Anyway, just wanted to post this. Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


This is a known bug that is difficult to track; the developers are aware, but there is no timeline for a fix. (You can try switching to the experimental video driver and see if that helps.)

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Ah, thanks for your response. I didn't do a good enough search on that one. Like a said, not a deal breaker, just odd.

Another thing I forgot to mention as to my jump into using an Apple TV is that at least it doesn't totally matter that I have no other Apple products. I was worried about but in my research it appeared to me that it didn't matter since I only use it as a streaming device. It also doesn't have annoying ads all along the top.

Be sure to read through the documentation to learn about all the goodies.

Server - Channels Support - How To

Client - Channels Support - Usage

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Thanks for the links! I was looking on the main site for this but couldn't find what I really wanted to read about.

I will check it out.

Since you don’t own any other Apple devices, you may run into this issue when updating apps like Channels: App Store “Accept Terms” pop-up

We've just released a new Testflight beta that fixes this issue:

Cool. How do I get into the Testflight beta?

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can go here and sign up and then download the Testflight app on your Apple TV: Channels — Beta Program

Otherwise you can email [email protected] with your Apple ID and we can add you.

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