Kayo for Channels

In early 2023 - Kayo enforced DRM on their channels so this no longer works with Channels :frowning:

  • Requires Kayo subscription
  • Requires Australia IP Address

Source & Instructions
GitHub - matthuisman/kayo-for-channels: Kayo for Channels
(There are prebuilt docker containers for amd64, arm & arm64)



Matt you're a legend. This was my first request when I discovered channels I haven't even tried it but what a great Chrissie present. Thankyou v much and I will show you my appreciation with a donation :champagne:

This maybe a noobie in docker experience but the command sends me into >dquote in terminal. I think it is the syntax to pass the login details. The container loads without the credentials but of course fails. I am using this:
(This is on M1 macmini)
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --env "[email protected]" --env "PASSWORD=abcd1234!" --name kayo-for-channels -p 8184:80 matthuisman/kayo-for-channels

Solution: Was the ! in the password. I added a \ before the !
did the trick!


Donated coffee money to your paypal. Im not in australia so this doesn't help me (unless i wana spoof location). But i want to encourage you to keep putting out docker channels. So keep up great work.


Matt, do you expect the epg to display icons for shows. I see the channel icons but placeholders for shows. I have tried to exclude a dns issue but I thought I might check before further investigation

E: It seems by looking at the EPG, shows do not carry image links

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the foxtel EPG API request does not provide icons for the programs.
You may be able to re-map the channels to use Gracenote?

Amazing work @matthuisman! Any chance a Binge for Channels docker would be possible? Or is DRM on those streams an issue?

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Binge uses widevine DRM so not possible unfortunately


That's a shame. This solution could be such a great Foxtel replacement.

Foxtel Go would be the best replacement but they are also DRMed


If you ever run out of ideas. I wouldn't mind seeing https://app.prende.tv/canales

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@matthuisman I've fired up the container and loaded in the custom channels. The 2 ESPN channels work fine, however all fox sports channels are failing to play. A check of the logs gives me the following error - "Exception: The user does not have a valid subscription to access this asset"

I have a valid Kayo sub, australian IP and as I mentioned, ESPN works fine.

Any ideas on what is going wrong?

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Mine are all working fine and have from the outset. Are you able to play them from kayo on the same device


all sorted! was a special character in the password (apols I missed the earlier post about that). @matthuisman this is awesome! I will donate.


question out of curiosity more than anything... with this sort of implementation, is the Docker container the thing that is connecting to Kayo and essentially playing the stream (passing through locally to channels) or is it just exposing the right path for channels to then initiate the stream?

just generates the HLS url with a valid token and returns a 302 redirect to Channels

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@matthuisman I fear it may be the same answer as Binge, but worth asking - have you looked at Flash News and whether it would work in a similar way to Kayo?

95% sure Flash News uses Widevine so no-go.
Im suprised Kayo isn't Widevine yet to be honest as Binge and Flash news are the same Streammotion products

i hope they dont change things anytime soon - Kayo channels are the single best thing about my setup.