Kayo for Channels

Kayo for Channels

  • Requires Kayo subscription
  • Requires Australia IP Address

Source & Instructions
(There are prebuilt docker containers for amd64, arm & arm64)

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Matt you're a legend. This was my first request when I discovered channels I haven't even tried it but what a great Chrissie present. Thankyou v much and I will show you my appreciation with a donation :champagne:

This maybe a noobie in docker experience but the command sends me into >dquote in terminal. I think it is the syntax to pass the login details. The container loads without the credentials but of course fails. I am using this:
(This is on M1 macmini)
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --env "[email protected]" --env "PASSWORD=abcd1234!" --name kayo-for-channels -p 8184:80 matthuisman/kayo-for-channels

Solution: Was the ! in the password. I added a \ before the !
did the trick!


Donated coffee money to your paypal. Im not in australia so this doesn't help me (unless i wana spoof location). But i want to encourage you to keep putting out docker channels. So keep up great work.


Matt, do you expect the epg to display icons for shows. I see the channel icons but placeholders for shows. I have tried to exclude a dns issue but I thought I might check before further investigation

E: It seems by looking at the EPG, shows do not carry image links

the foxtel EPG API request does not provide icons for the programs.
You may be able to re-map the channels to use Gracenote?

Amazing work @matthuisman! Any chance a Binge for Channels docker would be possible? Or is DRM on those streams an issue?

Binge uses widevine DRM so not possible unfortunately

That's a shame. This solution could be such a great Foxtel replacement.

Foxtel Go would be the best replacement but they are also DRMed

If you ever run out of ideas. I wouldn't mind seeing https://app.prende.tv/canales