Keys to jump directly to DVR, Guide, etc

Is there a way to jump directly to the Guide and DVR recordings with a single key/button press? Unless I'm missing something, I have to jump to the menu bar on the left and scroll around to switch between different functions. I have a ShieldTV with the 2019 remote, as well as a Harmony Elite remote.


I would like that too. I would also like the option do away with the “Up Next” and “Recent” categories in the recordings display. I don’t care how old or the watched status of a recording. I just want to see my recordings in one place. Additionally, the logic is flawed, and I often have to search the “Recents” to find a new unwatched recording.

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I agree, it takes too many remote button presses to see all of the TV Shows. I am sure some people prefer the "Up Next" and recent categories, but I would rather it default to display all TV shows unless I select the "Up Next" category. Ideally for me, it would function like this...

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