Kids Options

I would like to keep my kids from scrolling through our entire movie collection to find a movie to watch. Can a Kids option be added to the Movies section?

Or can TV and Movies sub-sections be added under the Kids Section?

Additionally, server side it would be nice to be able to specify what ratings are included in the kids section (TVY, TVY-7, G, PG, etc...), or better yet based on category tags that can be set be manually added or removed on each TV show / Movie.

The Apple TV and iOS apps have a full first class kids section with lots of freedom. It will be coming to Android and Fire TV in 2021.

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Awesome to hear. Thank you! Y'all are doing great work. Keep it up!

Kids Section is now available in beta Android BETA: Enhanced Library & Kids Section

  • This will take everything already tagged for kids via other metadata, and set their library visibility to Kids .*

When it says it will take existing metadata to populate kids content, how are the filters used. Is it below a certain rating that is automatically classified as kids

Anything that is marked as Children from the guide data.

This automatic population that happens one time, the first time you turn it on, isn’t in there yet on android.