Last 4 channels, like DirecTV

Now that I have getChannels and a FiOS video STB, I’m really missing the Last Channels Viewed feature of DirecTV’s STB. I used it extensively… almost never had a “cache miss” because, really, how many different channels are you interested in simultaneously?

It could just be another top-level menu that showed some number (configurable) of last viewed channels in a FIFO queue.

Keep up the great work!

Sorry, I now realize that I should have posted this in the appropriate list.

+1 This would be very handy

It would also be nice to be able to continue buffering a channel while “peeking” at another. I like to channel surf while a build up a buffer to skip commercials during sports.


I'd like to bump this feature request. I would find this much more useful than the current drop down options given.

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I thought I was the only person that did this. I pause multiple channels on my TiVo and come back to them still paused, and time shifted, to forward through commercials.

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Yep. Dual live buffers is the only thing i really miss from DirecTV. Well, and the 4k exclusives.


I'm preparing to switch from Spectrum DVR to Channels DVR. I recently signed up with Channels DVR and purchased an Apple TV 4K and I use HDHomeRun and FUBOTV as my sources. One thing my wife and I will miss about the Spectrum DVR is it has the ability to hold 5 channels in a que due to the 5 built in tuners. I've already tested the DVR function and my DVR Server PC can easily handle recording at least 4 streams/shows at a time. Is there a way for Channels DVR to offer a similar buffer feature? Or perhaps as others have mentioned above, if not 5 buffers, maybe just two or the ability to jump back to the previous show and still have the time shift buffer in place? Thanks for your great product and I look forward to seeing the improvements your developers have in store.

This type of feature—similar to DirecTV's Double Play—is oft-requested. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible with the way Channels works. Because the live TV buffer is only stored on the client, having this type of ability can't happen.

In order to facilitate this type of feature, the live TV buffer needs to be handled on the DVR server. It may happen in the future with a new major DVR update, but don't expect it any time soon.

Thanks for the information. I look forward to future updates.

Yesterday I found that AppleTV 4k recently started offering a feature called MultiView. I found it available if you are using the FuboTv App. With MultiView and the FuboTv App you can watch, and switch between, up to 4 different channels at a time. Perhaps ChannelsDVR can find a way to integrate a similar feature.

App called QuadStream does this with channels, though it's more complicated than the (excellent!) Fubo multiview.