QuadStream + Channels DVR


Just wanted to share something cool. I’m using QuadStream to view 4 Channels on Apple TV at the same time and it looks great. Now we need this feature natively in Channels.

Just setup your QuadStream and point it to your local DVR url:


HDHomeRun video streams are high bitrate MPEG2 and gets decoded on the CPU since they don’t support MPEG2 decoding on their GPU. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be enough CPU to decode 2 streams, much less 4.

The only way we could do this is with transcoded streams. But I’m not sure many NAS devices could handle 4 transcodes at once. And most users use a NAS for Channels DVR.

What hardware are you running Channels DVR on? This is impressive.



Can you detail the setup for us? Steps you took to achieve these awesome results?



I’m running Channels DVR latest pre-release on Mac mini (late 2012) Quad-Core 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 with 16gb of memory, 128GB SSD drive for streaming only and with turner sharing ON. I’m streaming to 4 ATV with Quad view concurrently and the fan is spinning crazy though.


I’m assuming you have Channels app on Apple TV + Channels DVR running on a Mac mini or similar hardware. I’m running the latest pre-release of Channels DVR. I have HDR Prime and HDR Connect Quadtro on my network.

  1. Buy $1 QuadStream app from Apple TV app store
  2. Go to your Channels DVR to get your local stream URL
  3. To get the URL, just tune to a channel you want to watch using Safari desktop browser and open the link in new tab and copy the link. Your local URL address should look similar to this
  4. Go to Apple TV, open QuadStream, copy & paste stream URL into QuadStream setup
  5. Optional, you can sign into QuadStream.tv to setup your private or public favorites channel dashboard

The stream will start automatically when you open QuadStream app on Apple TV. You can use the remote to switch from stream to stream or go full screen.



Thank you for the walk through!