Last channel command?

is there a command for the harmony hub that can be used to do last channel (rather than double clicking pause)?


If you are using a "keyboard" as the template.

that isn't working for me. i have tried backspace from both windows and mac computer, neither one does anything.

What device is Channels installed on?

Found this old thread:

i've got one CCGTV and one tivo stream 4k. i haven't tried it on the tivo yet but on the CC just using backspace from the windows or mac keyboard does not work.

BACKSPACE works if i map a key in button mapper and send the keycode for backspace...which is way more involved than i was hoping to be (mainly because it doesn't persist across a reboot).

still searching for a way to just have the harmony send the backspace keycode, haven't found it yet...

Use F1-F4 then in channels settings remote shortcuts choose "live tv" for that key. Live tv = last channel.

this doesn't work. the first time i pressed it, it went back one channel then came back to the channel i was already on. second time i pressed it, channels crashed.

setting up a key on the harmony to send pause-pause in a sequence seems to work, we'll see how well that holds up.

if anyone else has any idea how to just send it as a single keycode, i'm all ears...i'll update on how well the sequence holds up after i use it for a few days.

Backspace command is not working for me either. Are there any other solutions? Double clicking play crashes the app randomly.

I just tried this method with my Harmony hub on a Firestick 4K and it also crashes the app.

yeah the fire stick was never really reliable for me with pretty much anything. i've since switched to CCGTV and tivo stream 4k and have had much better luck with both of them...last channel will cause issues occasionally with those two, but not nearly as much as with the fire stick where like you're seeing it would crash the app pretty much every time.

Firestick 4K is working great for me other than Previous Channel.

4k was better than the second gen, but still not as reliable as the ts4k and ccgtv have been.

You said that the two devices you mentioned also reboots when using the last channel "feature" so when you say "better" it sounds like you are splitting hairs. Again, the 4K Firestick does EVERYTHING else perfectly and was $25.

Rumor is the new interface breaks a couple audio features in Kodi so if that does indeed happen I will however be looking for another device...

wasn't really trying to turn this into an argument, was just passing along my experience.

as for the crashes, as i said on the fire stick it happened every single time i went back and forth more than once. on the CC and TS4K it's much more intermittent if at all (yes it has crashed the app, but not consistently every time like the fire stick does). that's not "splitting hairs," that's a consistently reproducible crash on the fire stick vs an intermittent one on the other two devices. that's a pretty big difference.

You made it sound like they are overall better devices for Channels. I was just correcting that. Thanks for your experience, especially with the last channel feature.

One thing I've seems to consistently crash if you try and 'last channel' and there isn't one (viewing the first channel after starting the app)

I noticed that on the Firestick 4K you can use the last channel feature once, but if you immediately go back to the original channel, it will crash every time.

edit...sometimes the progress bar hangs for a while but eventually goes away unless you push another button and in this case causes a crash.

in that they can both be set up for single button access to both the guide and the DVR from anywhere in the system (especially the ts4k, the chromecast needs a secondary remote like the harmony hub to do it), they ARE both better devices overall for channels IMO based on that alone...unless the fire stick has had the button detector added and now has a way to do this.

happy to provide my experience, considering i'm the one who started this thread...