List of keyboard shortcuts?


I don’t know whether this is posted anywhere (or even really Android specific, but it’s what I use…) but I couldn’t seem to find it. I have a Harmony 650 and a FLIRC and am wondering what direct keyboard mappings are available in Channels? Sounds like you can do channel surfing with PGUP/PGDN and direct comskip via a double tap right arrow sequence. Are all of the rest of the mappings the same as the usual Kodi/Plex keys?


We haven’t done a good job of documenting these yet, but here are some other useful ones:

[: seek to last commercial marker
]: seek to next commercial marker
BACKSPACE: jump to last channel
SPACE: pause/resume

I’m hoping to publish a more in-depth document about FLIRC integration soon.


Hello - saw this and was wondering if the complete list of shortcuts is posted somewhere?

I’m using the NVidia Shield Android TV and Harmony Elite remote. I also added a Windows keyboard option to my Harmony Remote devices, and paired it to my Shield for full list of keys.

I noticed the Windows Guide button brings up the Live Channels app guide - not sure if there is a way to override that. The main keys I’m looking for are:

Skip Back
Skip Forward
Fast Forward



That would be sweet. I’m a FLIRC user myself, and it really opens up a lot of options for the app.


A request for shortcuts for the Guide, Favorites, Last Channel would be awesome.

Mappings of F1 thru F10 for Harmony remotes,or a keyboard, would be welcome.

Thanks for considering! :grinning:


Last Channel is a double-press of Play. Favorites can be seen by pressing Menu or Down (which displays the mini-guide and audio options). The "Mini-Guide" can be set to display Favorites, HD Channels, or All Channels.


A shortcut to up next/recordings list would be great too.


Hello @tmm1 - did you document the list of shortcuts available? I have an Nvidia Shield with Logitech Harmony remote. Within Harmony I have a Windows Bluetooth keyboard device added, connected to my shield so I can send keyboard commands. I don't have a FLIRC - is this needed, since the Harmony can send keyboard signals?

I noticed the Windows keyboard 'Guide' button brings up Android's Live Channels Guide - would be nice if this could be changed to Channels' Guide - or another key. It works either when then app is closed.



If your current remote can send signals to the device, then a FLiRC is not needed. (It is a programmable IR receiver that connects over USB.)

I too wish that all commands would be assigned a regular keyboard shortcut. Having the app respond to kedia keys is nice, but Space is a common Play/Pause shortcut that does not work. Also Left and Right (directional keys on the keyboard, not on the remote) usually work for Rewind/Forward, but do not function in Channels.

(And please make the keyboard shortcuts the same across the platforms, too. Having one set of shortcuts on Android and a different set in iOS would be quite annoying.)