Latest Alpha and Beta builds - Sony TV issues - skipping

I have been having skipping and playback issues for the past week or so on my Sony smart TV - was fine before. The Alpha is showing "minor"skipping ,but the latest beta is a mess . I would better descrive this as a micro-pause every 3 seconds or so - wired lan, dvr on local network

Not having the same issues on Shield, though the latest beta does seem to exhibit freezing more often as commercials are encountered or skipped on some channels.

Can you submit diagnostics from the app after it happens

I'm experiencing similar on Sony x90j, manifests as intermittent black screen flicker on both live and recorded.

I just submitted diagnostics from both my Shield, where it is exhibiting freezes when switchng to commercial content on live TV, and separately submitted on my Sony TV, where the video "micropauses" every few seconds, a few seconds in to some cable recordings or live programs. Both are from Beta build

Thanks for both diagnostics. I see you're using the 11/19 build, and there were several performance related fixes since then.

Additionally, I just uploaded a new beta with a fix for the pausing issue seen in you SHIELD diagnostics.

Please try this new version and resubmit diagnostics if you're noticing problems.

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I am trying the new version on both devices - so far the Shield is playing without a pause - but the Sony continues to exhibit the same issues (stutter/micro-pause every few seconds after initially playing smoothly, live or recorded from most sources) - new diagnostics uploaded a bit ago

And the stable store app on that same TV works fine?

Is there any change in the beta if you change Surround Sound to Off under Settings > Playback?

I think I have surround already set to off - I can try the store version and compare also - I think I had moved to beta a while back as there were originally audio sync issues with that one when I gat the TV earlier this year - BTW the latest version on the Shield has seemed to solve the issue I was having there.

So I verified surround was off... It had been on previously. Issues unfortunately persist... Diagnostics sent again.

How do I install the standard application from the store if I already registered for Beta? Sure search offers the Beta only it seems

I can't seem to get the latest beta? Just seems to be stuck on 111.19.313 and doesn't see any updates even after reinstall from play store.