Launch on FireTV with voice

Using Channels on an Echo show 15. Works great!

Anybody know how to get the app to launch using Alexa voice command?

I can launch Plex, Hulu, etc by voice but not channels. Have tried different things like “channels” “channels DVR” “channels whole home DVR”

Double checked with Alexa routine where you can type your exact intent. Every time Alexa just says “sorry, I’m not sure”

Alexa "Launch Channels DVR APP"
Akexa "Close Channels DVR APP"

to pause while viewing Alexa "Select" to resume the same.

There’s a different “channels tv” app that goes to for me inside the store, so that doesn’t work, but “channels whole home DVR app” does work. Thanks!!

Rolls right off the tongue!

I have a routine called "Channels Remote" that turns on my TV and Audio and makes sure it is on the Channels input (while also initializing the remote to be used with Android/Google TV). I'd say about 30% of the time Alexa comes back with some nonsense about controlling multimedia devices instead of just doing what its told. I should probably just rename the routine to something ridiculous...

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That's pretty good! I'm just glad I can jump straight to the app using the alexa remote :joy:

I actually ran into a similar issue as you describe but related to my living room TV and through Siri rather than Alexa. I ended up naming the trigger "Kaleidoscope" as my "something ridiculous"

I have actually disabled the on-device mics (So only using push-to-alexa on the remote) but I may setup a routine that I can trigger from my home automation system, and then if I'm using an external trigger I can go a step further and trigger a specific channel if I want (Like putting the early morning news on when I wake up).

Too bad I cannot seem to start the Beta only the release version launches.... oh well the regular app works... I guess because beta is sideloaded.

Oh is the automation stuff only in beta? Wasn’t paying that close attention since I haven’t started down that path yet. I’ll be in the same boat.

I think maybe you misunderstood The Channels DVR release app runs but you cannot create a routine to launch the Channels DVR beta.

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