Live channel fall back?

I've noticed in the last few betas (server side), that if something happens on my local channel, then Channels will go out and seek the next available stream. It won't switch to recording that however. But how can I turn this off so if the signal is lost, it's lost? I thought my OTA signal was ok. But it wasn't. What I was seeing is this fall back to another copy of the same channel on Locast.


Can you clarify? Not following you.

I think he meant this, which is stated more clearly.

Gotcha. I didn’t know Channels did alternate sources for Live TV at all. Thought it only did that for pass-based recordings.

Nor did I. It doesn't do it WHILE it's recording. Thankfully. But it only happens while tuning is taking place. After tuned, it will either tune to the OTA or Locast/etc source of the same channel.

Didn't you setup Channels with an m3u source so you could assign each channel a specific tuner number on your HDHR?

That may have something to do with it.

What does the Channels DVR log show when that happens?

I would suggest submitting diagnostics from the client app and the dvr server when it occurs.

I got rid of the M3U links. But adding them back might help. Thanks :slight_smile:

This is what it’s doing. Logs show it’s trying several different channels. I want it to fail if the one I choose fails to have signal.

It is not possible to turn off the fallback. If you want to watch CBS the app is doing its best to show you CBS. Why do you care where it's tuning from?

Because I want a specific channel, if the signal is weak I want to know. I monitor my HDHR4K and the antennas I use many times a day.

I seemed to find a work around. If I use the custom HDHR4K M3U listing. It will fail if the channel is not receivable. This is useful for me to know if I need to modify my OTA setup.

@tmm1 Can this "feature" of fallback not be turned off?

Are you specifying the tuner# in the m3u?
i.e. tuner0, tuner1, tuner2, tuner3
Or using auto so the HDHR picks the tuner to use?

Yes. I am specifying via ip address, and tuner number via the M3U files.