Stopping channel fallback?

When i go to a (live) channel that's OTA and it loses signal, Channels will change to another source (with the same channel) like Locast, or TVE to keep the stream going. I don't want this. It gives me the idea I am getting OTA signal from there when I'm not. Can this be turned off.

Turn tuner sharing off on the client device and that should work.
It probably assumes you actually want to watch the program you tuned to and is being helpful.

Turning off Tuner sharing doesn’t stop this. I tried to watch a channel that is having signal issues on OTA. Then it tuned to Locast instead. While starting the initial tuning session from the guide. It’s a toss up whether I’ll get OTA or Locast.

Replied in your other multiposting about the same issue

Sorry. Didn't know I multi-posted.