Live OTA begins to play then freezes

I’ve been having this issue for the last week or so. I go to play an OTA station from the guide, the content begins to play then freezes while the buffer at the bottom just spins. It might begin to play after 30 seconds, but then freezes immediately and won’t play at all.

Philo over TVE loads and plays just fine. It’s only the OTA channels.

I’ve restarted the FireStick 4K, the DVR server, and I’ve even restarted the HDHR Quattro. But nothing seems to solve the issue.

client version 3.0.2
Server version 2020.09.14.2100

Log submitted from the server: 4fd6cc8d-5810-4f42-b3d4-612d8e94a03d

Try changing Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Driver: Software

That is the current option. I also tried to set it to “hardware” but no love.

Does it play in the official HDHR app?

Nope. Same behavior. Plays, then freezes, then black screen. Interesting though, HDHR comes up with the message “Unable to play channel: end of audio stream”. Then flips back to the main interface.

Did you want me to change this on the client or server side?


Sounds like something is broken with the HDHR or your signal. Email [email protected]

HDHR client works fine on my Win10 pc.

You can try changing Playback > Tuner Sharing: On in the client

Okay. I didn’t change anything and it’s working in the client now.

A couple of things I noticed on the server. 3 tuners were recording and we were trying to view on the 4th.

In the DVR log file there was the following message:

2020/11/09 19:17:37.538855 [ERR] Failed to start stream on channel 2.3 via 12345678: Get "": dial tcp i/o timeout

There were no messages in the HDHR system log that seemed relevant.

I/O timeout means unable to connect to the IP on your network. Could be a bad cable or flaky Wi-Fi etc

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Good to know. I'll have to check to see what's happening on that front.

BTW I really appreciate the quick responses every time I post. I'm beginning to think your either a robot or you really really like your job. I love the product. Thanks a ton.


I wanted to follow up on this thread. It seems when I had multiple programs scheduled to record the live stream I was watching would exhibit this behavior. Using the HDHR Quattro. When I switched over to Locast there is no issue and no freezing. Not sure if it’s important or not.

The HDHR streams are 5x larger than the Locast ones, so it confirms there's something limiting throughput on your network.

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