Live tv pause buffer

I have my buffer set to 2 hours on the dvr server. But I’m only getting like 10min pause before it unpauses back to live tv. Am I missing something?

You have to set under settings debug to use HLS.

I don’t see a settings debug option on my server.

What client device?

I’m using both a fire stick regular and 4K and the TiVo stream 4K.

The setting is on the FireTV devices. and other Clients.

I still don’t see any option on my client device.

Its under support, hls streaming i believe. The settings you were playing with before were on the server and only pertain to the web player.

It is under debug you need to be using the lates betas.

So it’s a beta settings only. Don’t really wanna use beta trying to remain on a stable channel only. Although I know tve is a beta feature.

The HLS debug option is only available on the Beta Clent. Look under the Client Support options to install or update the Channels DVR Beta. You have to set some special privileges so it will install. If you get it installed, then you will see the Debug option that will force HLS streaming. I have been testing it for a couple of weeks. It works fairly well for me, but it is slower to start a live stream by several seconds.

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Both clients can be used on the same device, so you don't need to commit to using only the Beta.

Ok thank you……I may try it later tonight and see how it works.

Really quick… there a better client that doesn’t have the memory limitation for standard build to handle the buffer situation?

Go with appletv. Better in all respects includingmore buffer than you will ever need.

Before the android lovers pounce on me, I am an android guy that owns 3 appletvs and everyone in my house carries an android phone. Apple tv is the only apple devices that i have and they are far superior in every way.


Here is my FireTV 4k MAX with 128GB flash Drive ... and it supports Dolby Atmos.

How do you add a flash drive to the fire stick and what does the flash drive do for the channels app?

With an OTG Cable ... You can move Channels to the flash Drive and it will use that for the LiveTV buffer. AuviPal 2-in-1 Micro USB to USB Adapter (OTG Cable + Power Cable) for Fire Stick, Playstation Classic and More - 2 Pack : Electronics

Interesting I’ll try that……is there anything special you need to install channels on the flash drive?