Live TV Pausing

Relatively often, lately, live TV left on when leaving the house is paused when I return home. It is as if the play/pause button was pushed. The screen is frozen with whatever was on when “paused” and the buffer bar shows at the bottom the time that it was paused at. If I press play/pause it does not play. If I press menu, it asks if I’m sure because it looks like I’m behind in the timeline. I thought it was the dog so I have specifically put the remote up where it cannot he disturbed. This happens every other week or so. Today, it paused about 15 minutes after leaving and sat that way all day. Recommendations on troubleshooting?

This sounds exactly like the issue I reported a couple of days back. What channel does it happen on? If you record it does the recording play ok?

Is your Apple TV set to sleep after minutes?

No, not at all. This is something that started just a few days ago. I think I first noticed it on Saturday, most likely, imho, it’s probably related to a beta build on the backend - that would literally be the only change made recently.

It does sound similar but is that a streaming app channel or HDHR stream? Mine is on multiple channels from HDHR.

I haven’t pulled the log from the ATV but your thread reminded me that’s a thing. I’ll go get that and see what it looks like from this morning.

For me it’s FNC on TVE