Local music video import using chapter markers

Is there a clever way to use the chapter markers embedded in most music video long play “old school” audio surround albums? Many surround music releases were delivered in dvd audio disks with chapter markers.

There a ton of great music video surround albums out there.
Some of these are concerts, like eagles “hell freezes over” , some are compilations, like beatles “love” and ray charles “genius loves company” , etc.

Now for music videos, there is a special use case that is different than most movies files. Right now channels cant really tell the difference between these music videos and a full length movie when they are imported locally.

The new metadata editor

Beta: Metadata Editing

Is opening a whole new world for music videos.

99 percent of the time with this class of full length video, the chapter markers mark the individual “songs”

Now that i have been playing with local media import, im wondering if there is a clever way to import these local video albums, but also expose the individual chapters as self contained “shorts” , without having to manually go into handbrake and create individual files.

It could be a game changer when using the “short videos” in the virtual channels.