LocalBTV support would be nice now that Locast is gone

So now that Locast is gone (at least for awhile), the next best alternative is LocalBTV. And unlike Locast, they're operating legally while Locast just took the OTA channels and streamed em without permission. The legal issue here is that they were charging money for their stolen content.
LocalBTV is only available in a few areas now, but they're expending and planning to roll out a paid subscription model where you can watch your local FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC channels.
Locast will most likely be back after they (most likely) lose the case next year.
So if you developers could please look into this, that'd be great.

this is so blatantly ridiculous i have no idea where to even start...


LocalBTV does not currently include major national network programming. <<< That is the difference, no FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC to get involved in lawsuits with.

Isn't this public access stations only?

LocalBTV is essentially everything available in a region over antenna EXCEPT the local affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and CW.

These are the channels people were using Locast specifically for.

LocalBTV isn't a replacement for Locast.


to be fair, in my case it would help a bit. i get the big four already via my TVE login, but there are other locals i was with locast for. one was KTLA, which i can take care of since channels has the news feed in there and that's all i really watched it for. another was KDOC, which localbtv actually does have...

also, i love this bit...as if it's ever going to work. the "broadcast service fee" or whatever the hell it is with spectrum is almost $20/mo. how are you going to pay both the networks and your service costs without making it cost just as much as a cable subscription? it's not possible.

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@ Richard_smith @Anonymously or now, yes. Like I said, they're working out a deal with the major networks so that they can provide these channels. However, that'll be part of a paid subscription model.

I see another service biting the dust.... How is the Quality of provided channels ?

Quality is nominal. However, I get Antenna TV, Cozi (x2) and other locals I watch. It's by market so I'm not sure the lineup is consistent across markets. You can customize the channels that appear in their guide to get rid of the junk channels.

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yeah, and like i said - that's not gonna happen. they'd have to charge $40 or $50 a month to make it worthwhile after paying the networks...and at that point, why not just get an actual cable sub?

@ mike_here Exactly. They're getting the networks that they can get for free. Hence why it varies from market to market.

@ crackers8199 You do bring up a good point. However. They're a non profit. If these networks want money, they're simply not gonna include them. And that wouldn't be lucrative for neither of them. These are free OTA channels. Not cable channels.

I'm referring to your constant insistence that they're eventually going to have a subscription model. there's no way to pay the networks and still make it worthwhile.

@ crackers8199 Right. But I'm just going by what they say on their website. And according to them, they have come to some sort of a deal with these networks. Whether that deal involves money, I have no idea.

LOL, i'm sure they decided to just let them have the streams for free out of the goodness of their hearts. come on...

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I don’t know how many of us there are, but I’m a Channels subscriber who was using Locast mostly to record stuff from OTA rerun channels, so I’d love to see LocalBTV supported.


@ crackers8199 Not out of the goodness of their hearts, but to keep their viewers and to prevent piracy.
See. The problem with Locast is that they were charging money for content that isn't theirs and without the networks' permission.
But because LocalBTV reach out to these networks and get their permission, we don't need to worry about them shutting down anytime soon.
Hence why LocalBTV is a viable alternative to Locast. Maybe not just yet, but at least it's worth keeping an eye on.

just because you keep saying this doesn't make it true. read the ruling.


Doesn't look like they support MeTV...

@Channels2021 They do if you live in Fresno.
They're very new in the game. Give em time to grow.