Lost Fox 5 Philly

All of a sudden today I lost Fox 5 Philly?

Why would this have happened all of a sudden? I rescanned to authenticate with my vpn for FiOS. And still isn't there?

And it's playing at fox website when I check.

Do this to rescan TVE locals.
Don't use a VPN for this.
Disable the experimental feature by unchecking it on the DVR web UI.
Now access the DVR web UI using a secure https connection.
Enable the experimental feature by checking it on the DVR web UI.
Allow Location service if your browser prompts.
You should see a spinner next to it as it scans the locals.


I love you man!!


Hey my man. This process doesn't seem to be working now. I lost fox and can't get it back.
Is there issues out there?

Works for me. Are you getting any other locals?

My understanding of how it works is the browser you use to access your DVR server is geo-located when you use the secure https connection.
Try private or incognito mode on the browser using a browser on your DVR server or one on another device on the same network as your DVR server.

I'm having issues again with Fox...even with this trick. Anything else i can try?

I've lost CBS, but don't have an option not to use VPN. I am in Bangkok. Am I basically screwed?

You're asking the wrong person. I'm just a paying Channels DVR customer like you.

I'm not trying to work around geo-location restrictions like you are. From what I've seen in this forum, that's unsupported.

I sometimes have issues with the locals using my providers internet and TV package from my home. I go to one of the locals networks live streaming site and am told it's not in my package, or it gives me a station on the other side of the country.

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Fox is gone again. For the last 3 weeks. And all the tricks to get it back are not working.

Anyone else with issues?

Can you stream your local Fox station live at https://www.fox.com/live/

Yes its working

If you can stream your local Fox channel on the https://www.fox.com/live/ website
And you're running the latest pre-release version of Channels DVR
And you rescanned using this method
Lost Fox 5 Philly - #3 by chDVRuser

But it still doesn't work, I would submit diagnostics from the DVR.