Messed up the file names how to refresh database

I changed the some of the recorded movies' names removing date and hour info and move to secondary DVR location. I realised I can no longer watch them because Channels try to find file with the previous name. I recreated previous name but still logs shows me 'File Not Found' even if filepath is correct.
Is there any way to force scanning the directory and recreate database entries?

There is no directory scan or database refresh.

If the logs say file not found that means the file name shown still does not exist. It is checked every time you try to watch the recording.

Is there any way to rebuild the database when the files are moved? My original location is getting filled up. I don't want to just delete the shows... but I need to move some to free up space.

I read in another post about how to add more storage by adding a second drive and then specifying "extra path" I'm using ubuntu for the server. How would I edit the code to add that? Where would I find the file to edit?

Move the files to the secondary drive, then run the extra paths command to add the secondary folder path. There is no way to directly edit or rebuild the database.

What is the extra paths command for ubuntu 18.04 server? Is it the same for centos7

See Additional Storage Locations for Channels DVR Recordings

Will you be adding a gui interface for this on the server in the near future? Seems like a really good idea

I hope he changes his mind now :crazy_face: