Missing Channel

I have Channel 233 as a Favorite for HomeRun Prime and it shows up fine on the SD software and on Channels using web access, but not on Fire TV. Version is Channels DVR 2.1.10

Any ideas?

What channel is it? Maybe its getting combined with the same channel on your OTA HDHR.

CBS. I have the same channel on a HDHR Extetnd but only one occurance on the Prime.

The app combines the channels into one entry. The HDHR used depends on the priority set inside the app in the Settings area.

OK, but how does this effect its use. I use the Extend to provide another 2 recording options beyond the 3 from the Prime. If I remove the Favorite designation from the channels in the Extend will I still be able to record using them?

The dvr will record from all 5 tuners. You can set the HDHR priority on the dvr web UI for recording if you prefer that the PRIME is used first.