Missing guide data for new ATSC 3 channels

I say "new", but it's been quite a while for some of them... anyway, they all mirror the contents of ATSC 1 channels that have full data in Channels, but the ATSC 3 versions have none. In my area, so far, these are:

102.1 WMAR
111.1 WBAL
122.1 WMPT
145.1 WBFF
154.1 WNUV
158.1 WIAV

And to answer the question posed here: Missing Guide Data for OTA Channels , they all do have data in the HDHR app, except for 158.3 (which is just a duplicate of 158.1).

Additionally, the ATSC 3 shuffle also led to the creation of a new ATSC 1 channel, 54.11, which is just a duplicate of 54.1 (WNUV), and has no guide data in either the HDHR app or Channels.

Finally, there's another ATSC 1 channel with no data, 25.1 WDVM-SD, which does have data in the HDHR app.

I live in Baltimore too, but don't have the 4K HDHomeRun yet, so I'm not able to see the 100+ channels. But doesn't the main ATSC1 channel, (eg. 54.1) match exactly the same content as the ATSC3 channel (154.1)? I am pretty sure it is legally required to match the content exactly. So maybe its possible to just map the guide data in the source settings -> manage lineup. Just point the ATSC3 channel to the guide for the ATSC1 channel. fixed.

You have to map them in the HDHR 4k settings. Check out mine.


Click the gear icon next to your HDHR and select Sync Station Mapping