Missing Kids TV Shows in the Android App


I posted this question in another thread thinking it was similar but I was not getting any support. So reposting the the Android TV section to see if that helps.

I have Channels running on my Windows Server. Using the WebApp I can browse and see all of my imported TV shows - including my kids content (Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Curious George, etc).

However, when using the Android TV app and browsing the TV shows section NONE of the kids content shows up. Its completely missing. If I go to the library tab and scroll to Kids I see all of my kid programming. I checked and verified that the kids series is selected to be visible in the library and the kids section.

Why does kids content not show up in the TV Shows section of the Android app?

The kids section and enhanced library browsing is not available on the Android app yet. It’s only on the Apple TV and iOS app.

Before the Enhanced Library was brought to Apple devices, the Kids section was displayed below Movies in the Library. Has this separate part of the Library been removed from Android clients?

Understood on the kids section not being available yet for android. I'm just trying to get the kids content to show up in the regular TV Shows section. Is there a reason that for the Android client to ignore that content. Why is the kids content not being treated like any regular TV show and displayed?

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Do I need to submit a bug fix request for this?

That a just how it was originally designed, in order to keep the content separate.

You’ll have more freedom once we bring the Library Visibility feature to Android.

How about an "ignore kids flag on Android" temporary server option in the meanwhile? I agree with @ryanfinger that it is odd and frustrating to have the programs not appear in the "all" list while still being visible in a Kids library that we have to go through several menus to get to. Especially since whatever metadata is labeling programs as Kids is inconsistent at best!

In the next apk beta, the server side Library Visibility feature will be used to control if shows appear in the TV shows view or not.

Just updated and checked the apk beta and I'm seeing those missing shows now mixed with regular TV, so that is an improvement for sure! Looking forward to seeing it in the stable app.

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Kids Section is now available in beta Android BETA: Enhanced Library & Kids Section