MLB.TV for Channels

I wonder if the dot is messing it up. Perhaps you accidentally put a period after the 30000 in the dock run start channel. I assume you have use channel numbers from m3u selected

Hmm, that's not it, I changed it to start channel numbers at 22000, and still get the trailing dot. My command for the docker run is below (I edited the IP address, email and password, obviously)

docker run -p 8282:8080 --name channels-baseball -v storage_app:/var/www/html/storage/app -v storage_gs:/var/www/html/storage/logs -e APP_URL='http://x.x.x.x:8282' -e [email protected] -e MLB_PASSWORD=mypassword -e MLB_PLAYLIST_FIRST_CHANNEL=22000 -e MLB_TEAM_ORDER='MLB,NYM,SDP,PIT,LAA,ATL,MIA,PHI,WAS,CHC,CIN,MIL,STL,ARI,COL,LAD,SFG,BAL,BOS,NYY,TBR,TOR,CWS,CLE,DET,KCR,MIN,HOU,OAK,SEA,TEX' -e MLB_BITRATE='5600' -e MLB_TIMEZONE='America/Los_Angeles' matty8199/channels-baseball:latest

...which Docker Desktop reflects properly:

And yet:

I'm stumped :man_shrugging:

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It’s for the radio feeds, they are .2 if you enable it. @crackers8199 added it last year.


So strange. Maybe try adding this to environment variables


I think these were added for radio sub channels. Try adding them as false

Check ignore channel number from m3u in the Custom channel setup

Thanks, I tried adding those environment variables but they had no effect, I reloaded the M3U and the channels still had the trailing .1, starting with 22000.1.

Then I checked "ignore channel number from m3u" and see that the channels now start at 21629. No trailing .1. I'm cool with that, too.

As far as why the live games weren't showing up as Automatic Channels, I figured that out, and it was super dumb of me... I didn't realize it at first, because the docker was working fine, and I was able to watch manually-added MLB at Bat channels, everything was streaming perfectly. But when I dug deeper, I realized the MLB At Bat source was actually disabled, on the client itself! WTH? Once I re-enabled it, everything that matched, started appearing properly again, as Automatic Channels too. Of course. D'oh! Looks like it's time for a drink.

Thanks for the assistance, everybody.

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Great info, thanks. I'm currently running this on an ARM-based M1 Mac mini. I noticed this alert on the container:

I can report though, it's been about a week now, and everything is working great. I didn't have to do anything special, just ran the same docker command I ran on my previous Mac server.
Click a game and it starts streaming very quickly, like 3-4 seconds. I think that means the binfmt container must already spun? I ran your command anyway just to compare, but nothing changed. Anyway, just wanted to share for others what it looks like on Docker Desktop.

Thanks again @crackers8199 for this awesome docker.


Wanted to put this out there... now that is on fubo, the guide data for games is available on gracenote. Here's what I've done as a test w/ SchedulesDirect. Those callsigns, of what I've tested thus far, all resolve in Channels.

	<station number="309" subnumber="0" callsign="MLBTVBI" name="MLB Big Inning" alternate="">119153</station>
	<station number="310" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBARI" name="MLB - Arizona Diamondbacks" alternate="">136199</station>
	<station number="311" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBATL" name="MLB - Atlanta Braves" alternate="">136201</station>
	<station number="316" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBBAL" name="MLB - Baltimore Orioles" alternate="">136202</station>
	<station number="317" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBBOS" name="MLB - Boston Red Sox" alternate="">136204</station>
	<station number="318" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBCHC" name="MLB - Chicago Cubs" alternate="">136205</station>
	<station number="319" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBCHW" name="MLB - Chicago White Sox" alternate="">136206</station>
	<station number="320" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBCIN" name="MLB - Cincinatti Reds" alternate="">136209</station>
	<station number="324" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBCLE" name="MLB - Cleveland Guardians" alternate="">136210</station>
	<station number="361" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBCOL" name="MLB - Colorado Rockies" alternate="">136212</station>
	<station number="362" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBDET" name="MLB - Detroit Tigers" alternate="">136213</station>
	<station number="363" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBHOU" name="MLB - Houston Astros" alternate="">136214</station>
	<station number="364" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBKCR" name="MLB - Kansas City Royals" alternate="">136215</station>
	<station number="365" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBLAA" name="MLB - LA Angels" alternate="">136216</station>
	<station number="366" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBLAD" name="MLB - LA Dodgers" alternate="">136218</station>
	<station number="367" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBMIA" name="MLB - Miami Marlins" alternate="">136219</station>
	<station number="368" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBMIL" name="MLB - Milwaukee Brewers" alternate="">136220</station>
	<station number="370" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBNYM" name="MLB - New York Mets" alternate="">136222</station>
	<station number="382" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBNYY" name="MLB - New York Yankees" alternate="">136223</station>
	<station number="409" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBOAK" name="MLB - Oakland Athletics" alternate="">136224</station>
	<station number="425" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBPHI" name="MLB - Philadelphia Phillies" alternate="">136225</station>
	<station number="439" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBPIT" name="MLB - Pittsburgh Pirates" alternate="">136226</station>
	<station number="441" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBSDP" name="MLB - San Diego Padres" alternate="">136227</station>
	<station number="442" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBSFG" name="MLB - San Francisco Giants" alternate="">136229</station>
	<station number="443" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBSEA" name="MLB - Seattle Mariners" alternate="">136228</station>
	<station number="444" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBSTL" name="MLB - St Louis Cardinals" alternate="">136230</station>
	<station number="450" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBTBR" name="MLB - Tampa Bay Rays" alternate="">136231</station>
	<station number="451" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBTEX" name="MLB - Texas Rangers" alternate="">136232</station>
	<station number="498" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBTOR" name="MLB - Toronto Blue Jays" alternate="">136233</station>
	<station number="499" subnumber="0" callsign="FUBWAS" name="MLB - Washington Nationals" alternate="">136234</station>

Woah! Nice! Whats the best way to integrate this with the docker app?

I just tested this and it works great. Go into your source and change provider for the guide. enter your zip and choose something generic like OTA. Then enter the callsign above and then click search all lineups when it doesnt find it. it should appear and then you can select it :wink:


Is there a benefit with the fubo guide data over the xml from the docker container?

Very cool. The only missing team on your list is the Minnesota Twins.
Callsign: FUBMIN

It's there. I have it on mine

Yes, mine too. I was referring to warrentc3's list, above.

Good news for Matt & anyone else who has access through T-Mobile: they renewed their partnership through 2028!


Hi there,
I'm a huge fan of T-mobile and all the possibilities of getting thanked.
I'm happy to hear that my sporting needs are covered.

Having now compared both, I couldn't determine a clear benefit. It says "OFF AIR" whenever there was no game. It also distinctly labels pre-shows. But the rest of the formatting didn't seem as nice to me as the docker's XML. I also could not get "automatic channels" to detect them when I was using Fubo's guide data, per Rice's tip above. Maybe I missed something, but I tried various tweaks but couldn't get it working. So I switched back to the original XML.

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I have a second remote server I feed the mlb docker into. I have never been able to get the team logo’s to show up in the guide on that server. It’s mentioned somewhere in this thread about the logo URL’s being http:// and not https://. Anyway through making a custom text based source and changing the channel number and assigning these new guide data’s, I have finally been able to get custom logos.

Personally I like the docker data setup better because it tells you what time the game is going to start when you are on the current time line. The fubo just says sign off. So my home server will use docker and remote will be using fubo. The art as well doesn’t exist for a recording with the remote server on docker data but it does have nice art like the old, now drmd fox sports regionals with the fubo data.

As far as custom automatic collection goes I haven’t verified because there aren’t any games yet but I believe the key is using baseball, sports, and just the live checkmark. New breaks the pass so I assume new checkmark would break the auto channels. EDIT: this setup for automatic collections is working for me on the fubo data.


Thanks guys. Appreciate the info.

another thing to think about with the guide data from the container vs the fubo data: i'm not sure how often fubo updates on postponed games, but the guide data in the container comes directly from MLB and they update literally instantly when a game is postponed. i've checked it - the response from the API is updated immediately as soon as a team announces a postponement.

for example, if you have it set to update every 1 hour (like i do), then every time it updates if there are games that have been postponed within that hour since last update, it'll update the guide to reflect that. it won't actually say PPD in the guide, but it'll say that there's no active game for that day (and update the following day for a DH or rescheduled game, whatever it may be).

if there's interest, i'll see if i can work something up to indicate that there was a game but it was PPD rather than just changing to "no game available" like it does now.