More accidental clicks on pip button

Im not sure when it started but its been in the last few weeks. When Im trying to skip a commercial or go back a few minutes I tend to rapidly press the right side or left side of the touch pad. Recently this has, after 2 or 3 clicks activated the pip mode. Obviously its because the pip button is highlighted and then any click activates it. It just seems to get highlighted more easily than it has in the past. Not sure if anyone else has had this but I figured I would mention it.

Nothing has changed regarding this. This sounds like it’s just being caused by the not so great track pad on that remote. It’s not a great design, and this is kind of proof.

Having to click the same pad that is also used for moving focus just turned out to be a bad design, which is why they redesigned the remote.

Gotcha, thats what I figured. I may just disable the pip button. Figured I would mention in case there was a bug something. Thanks for the prompt response!

I don’t think that’s the case. I have also noticed the exact issue over the past few weeks and this never happened before. I am using a remote with a d pad (not the AppleTV remote), so clicking the up arrow by mistake isn’t happening. I notice often that the PIP button is highlighted resulting in the timeline staying up on the screen until I realize what’s going on and press the down arrow to dismiss it.

Thanks for that, I'll take a look and see if I can repro.

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Not sure if that event gets logged, but I just sent diagnostics from tvOS right after it happened to help troubleshoot just in case.

This seems related:

I've had my PIP button hidden for a long time, have PIP automatically enabled because I use it all the time, but for those that don't, this appears to be a new problem.

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i had PiP set to auto, but also had the button enabled. it would stick to the PiP icon and that would also not allow me to swipe down for the overlay. i disabled the PiP icon for the first time tonight and it's so much better.

As of the latest TestFlight beta, the PIP button being focused no longer keeps the timeline open indefinitely.