More incorrect guide data, recorded wrong movie

I'm still having issues with the DVR being set up to record a specific movie and having the wrong one recorded. Lately its been happening multiple times each week.

on Aug 1 channels recorded what was supposed to be "Love in design" at 2pm MDT on the hallmark channel. It actually recorded "valentine ever after". Looking at the hallmark channel guide after that I see that the 2pm show was actually changed to Valentine Ever after sometime before it aired.

At 6pm MDT Aug 1 Tried to record "one perfect wedding", it recorded a royal runaway romance

On Aug 2 6pm Tried to record "moriahs lighthouse", recorded a summer romance

I checked the channels guide the day before these aired and it matched the hallmark channel web site guide. But after the movies aired, the hallmark channel guide had the different movies listed
I checked after the recording and it matched the hallmark channels website guide.

Can you upload the guide more often? Any other ideas?

This is a followup to the same issue posted last year
How to address incorrect Guide data? - Channels Apple TV - Channels Community (

I've just become accustomed to it.
The Networks have to feed changes to Gracenote who feeds changes to zap2it and Channels DVR.
There are lags, misses and black holes.

You can refresh the Channels DVR guide more often, but it doesn't do any good if its source isn't accurate and that means the Networks and Gracenote are lagging.

Had the same problem with my TiVo's back when Gracenote was their provider.

Nothing against Gracenote, just the way it is.

I've seen where Gracenote changed airings after they aired and also changed Season and Episode numbers after they aired.

(Not a conspiracy nut, but) seems linear tv schedules are no longer a priority, like a tv guide, because they all think we're streaming or watching vod and who records anymore?