Movie being Queued to be re-recorded that are already recorded

Not sure whether this could be a negative side effect of this change or not but I have a movie in the schedule that is already in my library but as a recording, not even imported.

Am I seeing this correctly? I'm always hesitant to post something in case this is something stupid on my side. :grin:

Never be hesitant to post that is how they find bugs.

No duplicate recordings.

I have some "Title EXCLUDES ..." in there because those titles are imported movies and I didn't want them to be recorded again. I even forgot I did this until now.
From what @maddox said, I should remove those "Title EXCLUDES" rules to see how this beta feature performs.


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@mjitkop This is super strange. I've moved this to a separate thread because it appears to be unrelated to the new Experimental feature.

I don't see anything that you have set that would have caused this to be marked to be re-recorded. Everything appears to have been setup to not record it (like you would expect), so I'm going to have to continue to go through your diagnostics to see what went wrong here.

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