Moving From Nvidia Shield to Apple TV 2022 Model

I'm not sure where is the best location to post this.
I purchased a Apple TV today, the ethernet model.
Currently I'm using a Nvidia Shield with Channels DVR. The storage is on a Synology DS 920.
What is the best procedure to move over to the Apple TV and utilize the Synology for the server?
I would like to not loose any of the recordings on the Synology in this conversion.
Is this possible?


Just install Channels DVR app on the Apple TV and it will connect to your Synology. You don't need to do anything else.

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Thank you for your quick reply.
Any chance I could still leave the Nvidia Shield setup and recording to the Synology?
That would ease the transition to the Apple TV- honestly I'm really afraid I'm not going to like the Apple TV- I'm spoiled with good design and functionality of the Nvidia Shield, But I'm trying to keep an open mind about the Apple TV.


If your Nvidia Shield is currently your Channels DVR, no reason you can't continue using it as the DVR.
Not sure where your Synology comes into play, but you could use it as the DVR.

You can have both connected to view as long as you have HDMI ports. As a matter of fact, you can have as many clients as you want.

I believe he is using the Shield as a Client.

Thanks everyone for the replies.
I would like to be able to use the Shield and the Apple TV- not at the same time- each would be selected via the home theater receiver. I think I have 7 or 8 HDMI ports, unfortunately they are only 1080P. Its an old Onkyo 5008 receiver. My TV will do 4k, and the receiver is really my weak point.
Is it true that the Channels DVR works better on the Apple TV?

My experience has been great with the Apple TV. I just ordered the newer one even though I probably don't need it since the current works fine.

I used the Shield for years and I haven't regretted getting the Apple TV.

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Does your receiver have ARC? if so you can connect your ATV to the TV directly and then have the audio via ARC. then you won't be relegated to 1080p.

BTW u will love ATV. I have a shield sitting on my shelf and I honestly couldn't stand it. Horrible device in my opinion.

This is something I posted a while back. It may help you optimize things a bit more and will hopefully save you some hassle.

Agree with what @slampman said. I loved my nvidia shield. But decided to try the Apple TV 4k second edition. Didn't go back. Once the 9.0 version on the nvidia shield happened. Had all kinds of problems with it. I now have the 2022 version of the Apple TV in the living room. Its faster but mainly to install things or play games. Everything else is a little faster but I wouldn't say OMG its fast. Its just faster. Also hope you got the one with the ethernet port. The wireless one just doesn't seem worth saving $20 over.

I did have nivdia shield and apple tv on my receiver for a very long time too. Just switch inputs. Retired the shield after two months of using the Apple TV.

I Still have my Original 500 GB Shield ... it is a workhorse and great Game Emulator.... The Shield does have one advantage over all other streamers and that is the Audio output... It does make for a great emergency backup Channels dvr server.... So don't totally give up on it.

Thanks for suggesting ARC- That sounded like a brilliant solution, I'm about 6 hours into trying to get it to work. I have done a bit of light reading on the subject and it seems to be very confusing. I have read that Samsung has done a botched job with ARC on their TV's. I have the QN65Q90RA TV and a Onkyo 5008 receiver that has a ARC HDMI input. And of course the Apple TV 2022 model.

The Onkyo is 2010 vintage- it's had a long life, and even had the HDMI audio issue that was repaired under warranty.

It may be time to let this receiver pass quietly into retirement. It looks like my local Best Buy has the Denon X3800H in stock today. I'm thinking I may go have a look- who knows, the Denon may follow me home.

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Thank you- it's always nice when something works without any trouble. This was a smooth easy process to move to the Apple TV.

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Looks to be a nice receiver. Trying to hold out from doing that upgrade until QMS VRR is released. But my understanding is that new TVs will only have this option. Not sure how that would work with receivers or if that is no big deal and it just pass it through to your tv.

I have finally located and purchased the Denon 3800H. It involved driving 250 Miles round trip to a neighboring state. I purchased is from Best Buy- they are truly miserable to deal with. Given the distance involved driving 250 Miles, it would have been nice to have been able to call the store and have a associate physically verify the unit was in stock- sadly those days are long gone- all telephone calls go to national support, you can't call the stores. They truly are miserable to deal with.

On a more positive note- I'm loving the Apple TV. It is a much smoother experience compared to the Nvidia Shield.

The Denon 3800H works correctly with the ARC audio and setup was a lot easier than the old Onkyo 5008. UI design has came a long way.

The Denon must really like you if it followed you 125 miles home!

I was not familiar with the term "QMS VRR"
I did a quick search and found this:
Initial reviews of the new Apple TV 4K highlighted that Apple will add support for Quick Media Switching Variable Refresh Rate (QMS VRR) via a software update to tvOS.

QMS VRR prevents momentary blackouts that occur when switching between content playing in different frame rates.

How many TVs work with QMS VRR, you ask? Well, zero at the moment. But you'll start seeing them hit the market next year; stay tuned for more news about this feature at CES.

It is worth noting that QMS VRR does not prevent blackouts when switching between color spaces or HDR content. The new video quality feature is set to be added via a software update to tvOS.

Yup. Its pretty cool. I have an LG oled from 2017 (OLED65E7P). Great tv but doesn't have any of the new features that I could take advantage of with my xbox. I am hoping to start looking at upgrading my devices in 2023. Just all depends on what is available. Also I didn't know what QMS was about either until someone talked about it for the latest apple tv. I was playing around with the settings that caused the black out screen switch. Just couldn't stand is so I said forget it not worth it for now. I held off on getting a new AVR because I wanted all the hdmi ports to be 2.1. I made that mistake long time ago when I get an AVR that had one newer HDMI port and the rest the older version. Ended up buying another AVR down the road because of it. Glad your new setup is working better for you.

That is aweosme! I'm glad it worked out for you and that you got ARC working. You will never miss the shield at all :grin: