MSG: since email to support & twitter go unanswered, my last attempt here

Glad I found this thread. I was looking forward to the NHL season to start and noticed MSG missing. Bummer. Hope it gets fixed soon.

A temporary solution. MSGGO's recent Android App has chromecast enabled again. But, the app freezes often.

Thanks Vinny, but I hate using the MSG Go app, I like being able to record the game and skip the commercials etc, all the features that make Channels DVR awesome.
@tmm1 with NHL Hockey starting tomorrow, any chance you guys can look into getting MSG, MSG +, and MSG +2 are all on the air tomorrow evening (1/14) so it'd be a good day to look into it at 7pm EST.

While I've used Channels for a while, I just signed up to try out Channels DVR/Plus. Really was hoping to have MSG available. After some research I found this thread. Just curious if there is any further news on if MSG will be available via Channels? Thanks! Dan


Have they changed their auth mechanism or removed the DRM from their web streams? Until they change back and remove such measures—which seems unlikely—MSG will remain unavailable through Channels.

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@tmm1, Revisiting this answer to see what the status of this issue is. Sports seasons are starting up and MSG is vital.

Will you be able to get this going soon since we see lots of server back end has been developed since this thread started?

If not, can we get some closure?

Do you need help from us to get it working?


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Thank you for your continued effort!

To be frank, adding more channels to TVE is not a priority for us. Sports channels are particularly complicated, with blackouts, location restrictions and extra signup/logins. If someone else wants to pursue this, they can do so with the Custom Channels feature.

Personally speaking, all the channels my family cares about already work via TVE. I'd rather spend my time developing more features than tracking down every regional sports channel in the country.


That's a shame because sports channels like MSG is one of the top channels I watch and absolutely must for my household. Without it, I am unable to fully depend on Channels for my needs. Is there a way that we can create some kind of poll to determine if there is other interest in this channel or other ones like it to help you spend your time most efficiently but also help out those like us with some missing channels that we really miss!

Very Comcastic of you. I’m glad our money is keeping only your family happy.

Yep look at how often NBCSN works then doesn't work with TVE. And that's an nationally available channel not an RSN. So I can't imagine how worse say NBC Sports Boston would be to keep maintained or Root Sports Northwest or whatever.

Not a great answer here, to be honest.

TVE has clearly driven channels' growth.
Live sports is clearly a driver in many of us (me included) keeping subscriptions to pay TV services.
Combine the 2, and ...

I get it - these varying TVE implementations are a massive PITA to deal with, and RSN's are lower on the bang-for-buck scales, in terms of number of users "fixed," but they're a differentiator for a good group of us.


I agree with others that your comment really wasn’t a well-stated, professional response, especially for a Channels Developer!

I do highly enjoy Channels DVR, but it really would be a game changer (pun intended) if MSG was a channel that was available.

I wish I could pursue this more on my own, however, I know nothing about programming and am simply a Channels user.

yup, very disappointing. Now we know that our subscription really only funds customer service for Fancy Bits family members.

@tmm1 @maddox, telling us that it's up to us now because you added m3u playlist is not proper customer service. Stuff like this will cause people rancor and will have no motivation to help you fix your software.

if you were a bigger company, you would be in the middle of a PR nightmare right now. the same nightmare that @maddox constantly rails against apple on a weekly basis.

I'm a reasonable person, just tell us no, it wont work because of whatever technical reason, don't tell us no because you family doesn't care for it.

He did give you a bit of a technical reason and should have left it at that

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When MSG support was dropped originally, a technical reason was given. MSG changed they way they handled streaming from their website, and now requires DRM in the browser to access the stream.

I think everyone has taken the comments a bit out of context. It seemed more directed at RSNs and their myriad restrictions than MSG in particular. RSNs are a pain, and never fully worked 100% within Channels. My Fox Sports RSNs are limited to FSWest3 and PrimeTicket2 in Channels; NBC Sports only works maybe 50% of the time.

Do you want all development time to be spent doing nothing more than playing whack-a-mole with various TVE providers and small RSNs? Or would you rather development spent on bringing feature parity to client apps, stability, and other various innovations. You can one, but not both.

Also, it is not as if Channels is your only means to access this programming. Aren't you paying your provider for access to their first-party apps and services?


I'd love to get this back on topic as I'd be happy to help figure out how I can assist in getting the channel working using TVE or possibly via the custom channel. According to the support page, it says:

Does anyone have any advice as to how we can dive in to help figure this out? Like is there a way that I can log in manually on my machine, and somehow export the video feed into channels? Ultimately I wouldn't want to have to do this every time I try to tune in, that's why I absolutely love TVE to begin with!

I'm following up almost half a year later since the next hockey season is almost here, and I'd love to help troubleshoot how to get MSG supported by TVE again please!

@realmad001 was a huge help with a workaround. Check out this thread: BTN Missing After Pre-release Update
I recently had to change the m3u8 url, but it was immediate and fixed it. Even if it changes to often, it's still a great workaround to have MSG on Channels.

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