MSNBC on Xfinity

Hi guys. I've been having an issue with tuning into MSNBC via TVE for at least a week now. I can tune in online (browser) and via their app just fine, but scanning and rescanning doesn't help at all. It just won't pull the channel up. I've also installed the latest pre release, but that hasn't helped.

Can anyone offer any insight here?

Sadly this change happened 2 months ago:

Thank you. I do remember reading something about that. Couldn't find it in Search for some reason. :+1:

Yeah it’s a bummer. That thread title should probably include MSNBC as it’s a majorly noticeable loss for TVE users.

As workarounds there are a few interesting projects brewing to keep that channel and others still accessible in your Channels interface. Check for threads discussing the experimental “Stream Links from the Guide via Custom Channels” and also “HDMI for Channels.” Pretty cool stuff, I found the latter to be a fun and fruitful project.

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Here's a list of the channels recently removed from Channels TVE

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I have MSNBC back now with this workaround:

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Thanks for the heads up guys.