MTV Classic

Is there any way to get a TVE stream of MTV Classic? It's great to have on in the background. Another reason why I keep Philo (GSN is the other).

In short, no. MTV Classic does not have a live feed on their website, and GSN’s is hindered by DRM. Neither are available for use with Channels outside of a cable subscription and suitable physical tuner,

In lieu of MTV Classic, I have found some other channels that scratch the same itch. Set up Pluto TV as Custom Channels in Channels DVR, and you can access:

Vevo 80’s
Vevo 90’s
Vevo 2K

These channels play back-to-back music videos from those particular decades.

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Thanks - I do have pluto, so I will check out those channels.

Looking for those Vevo channels now, are you currently seeing them on the Channels DVR? I'm currently out of the country, but remember seeing the Vevo channels on the pluto ap, but when I look at my Channels DVR guide now, I don't see the Vevo channels within the Pluto channels.

Yes, they show up for me on Channels DVR, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned them here :wink:

10727: Vevo 70's
11019: Vevo 80's
11020: Vevo 90's
11021: Vevo 2k

You may need to reload your m3u on the Channels DVR server settings page:

CleanShot 2021-03-29 at 08.41.35

Also, are you using the docker method for incorporating Pluto w/Channels, or are you using someone else's m3u and XML files?

Hello- I am using someone else’s links. Was going to try the docker method but couldn’t figure it out. But maybe I need to use the docker to get these channels?
I’ll try the refresh when I am back home (don’t think there is a way I can do that remotely- is there? Server is running on a windows pc)

Yes, probably, the shared links you're using are likely outdated. You'll have a better Pluto/Channels experience if you set it up the recommended way, with the Docker. Ask your setup questions in this thread and hopefully someone will be able to help you get it set up. I didn't have any Docker experience and was able to get it up and running (on a Mac server, at least.)

If you set up the "Remote DVR" function on your server, you should be able to access it away from home via

Thank you! I can see I’m only getting 257 Pluto channels (and I think there are 290 total). I’ll work on setting up the docker once I get home.

I finally got docker running, and have Pluto installed using docker. So I can now see the VEVO channels. All of them except the VEVO 2k. Are you still able to see VEVO 2k?

I also noticed my channel numbers are different than yours. Not sure if I set something up incorrectly.

I just checked, and don't see it either in Channels anymore either :-/

It is there on though, so perhaps @maddox can take a look, and see if the docker can still accommodate it?

I suspect it has something to do with this setting? I also don't fully understand how Channels assigns numbers though, and don't pay a lot of attention to them.

The appropriate place for issues with this project is on its GitHub repo. Please open issues there.

May also want to see

Checked and the ticket is still open/no activity since I opened it.

Submitted! Thanks.