MTV3 & Nelonen Finland



I bought a HDhomerun Connect Duo box and Channels app to my Apple TV. All works fine except MTV3 and Nelonen (SD) Channels. I tried to watch those same channels via my laptop and and HDhomerun app, everything works perfect. So the problem should be in the AppleTV Channels app. I paid about this app, so it would be nice if it´s working.


What happens when you try to play it?

After it has a problem can you go click Submit Diagnostics at the bottom of the Settings tab.


It just breaking the sound and video. Weird why is it doing like that, because Nelonen(HD) is fine. Only those SD Channels are breaking. Unfortunately there is no MTV3(HD) channel, so I cannot watch that channel at all. I will check that "Submit Diagnostics" later on.


Submit diagnostics and problem channel MTV3 have been open now for a while.


Thanks. I need a recording from that channel. Email it to [email protected]

See Teletext showing when captions enabled (Finland)



I sent you the videoclip via email. I also noticed that when I switch that audio language off, the video is fine but I cannot hear anything.image




So sorry, the file did not arrive due to limits in our help desk system.

Could you email to [email protected] instead


I have exactly the same problem with these two Finnish channels, for over a year with the channels app on ATV, and I just downloaded the iPad app, and on that too. The other ca. 20 channels work without a problem. These two trouble channels work fine on HDHomeRun on iPad and on VLC and InstaTV on ATV. I would subscribe to channels if this could be fixed.


Please send me a sample video file according to instructions above and I will work on a fix.


I was able to get the video file you sent from our mailserver. Unfortunately it looks like you used a phone camera, but the video I need is a direct recording from the HDHomeRun so I can try to play it back myself.

You have to check the IP of your HDHR and use the channel number to download a 30s sample.

For example if your HDHR IP is and the channel number for MTV3 is 745, visit this URL in Chrome to download a 60s sample:


Hi, I emailed you a video recording of MTV3.


Thank you! If you can also send me one from Nelonen, and then another one from any channel which is working correctly that will help me to compare them.


I sent to videos:V4=nelonen, v1=yle1. Had to use mail drop, hope you can fetch them.


Thanks. I was able to make a fix and it will be released this week.


Excellent. You are very efficient, thanks. This does not belong here, but looking at the DVR subscription, Finland is not supported. Why?


We have support for Finland which is in beta testing mode. It is not advertised but we have some users testing it out and it should work.


A new v3.1.13 update for the Channels app is available on the App Store with a fix for this issue.


Works fine now. Great work guys, thank you. :slight_smile: