Multi=view for the love of God

Yesterday was a day when 4 events aired in the same time:

  • Champions League Finals
  • Indianapolis 500
  • NBA Play-offs
  • Semi-Finals of Snooker.

With Channels I could cover threee of the events (Didn't find a way yet how to insert Eurosport into the line-up). But because no multi-view I have to watch channels on iPad and iPhone with Canal+ on TV. And still, one device missing for snooker :frowning:

Maybe someone could help me developing alternate tvos client for channels PVR? For some reason each company insinst of creating custom media player on ATV instead of trusting Apple with their UX choice with solely exception of ESPN/MLB/FoxSports

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I use and love Quadstream. It really does work great with the .m3u8 addresses I entered for a long list of live TV channels from Channels DVR. It also works with live streams from Twitch,, Kaloopy and DistroTV too.

Just wish this sort of thing was built into Channels because the QuadStream UI could use some improvement (feels abandoned by the developer, even though it works OK) and it would be nice to have the DVR functionality, even for just for “instant replay” type moments.


@Fofer Checked this out and its great how do you get Pluto.TV stream urls?

Would love this built into Channels!

You need to extract them from the code. Not sure from where EPG comes. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Create own hdhomerun emulator and load url there - a bit complicated there are solution already like Telly but some idiot wrote this in Go language which is difficult to understand , port, and modify and I cannot reverse engineer process of creating channels.

  2. Inserting channels directly into Channels DVR database. Developers say base is not accessible but it is a file on your disk somewhere ( I don’t believe it is MySQL) so you may acces it directly and understand how the data is stored and how connect channel number with the stream.

I just did it with direct URLs. Once you see the syntax of the URL it’s easy to extrapolate other channels. I started on a page like this one:

If you follow the link to the homepage of that repo, it's a spam redirect. I think that is a good reflection of those supposed "legal" streams.

Just because something is publicly accessible on the internet does not mean it is de facto "legal" to access or use.

My URLs didn’t come from those pages, they came from my own web browser streaming, I just used the explanation on those pages to figure out how to extrapolate my own favorites. I did the same for DistroTV.

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Don't worry of @racameron he is either a lawyer or doesn't care for UX. Each link is different for different user but if you can extrapolate it it's perfectly legal to use it no matter Licensing Faction is telling you.