Multi view / Split screen

I imagine this has to be a highly desired feature but the ability to dual, triple or quad box for live sports would be a game changer. Any idea if this will ever be supported?

The request has come up a lot:

However one of the Channels developers weighed in explaining why this functionality is not on their roadmap:

There are a handful of threads with solutions involving other apps, though:

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Multiview options:
TiviMate: This is the software approach. Works GREAT with Channels(CDVR).
I have this. You get it from the Playstores; Amazon, Google Playstore.
You can get a lifetime license for about $25 good for install on 5 devices, TiviMate plays m3u playlists.
Channels does supply an m3u playlist and EPG of the all the channels including the HDHomerun channels.
It works very well, lots of good multi view options, quad, 2x2, triple,big and small, easy to change on the fly.
It can do as many screens as your streaming box processor can handle,
But if I try more than 3 streams on firesticks, Onn's the stream box starts to buffer,
too much work for a box designed for 1 stream, but up to 3 streams work beautifully.
Portta Multiview box: This is the hardware approach.
I have this also.
Now $75 on Amazon.
I Have this for my 100" projector screen, I don't move it to other TVs.
This box accepts 4 HDMI inputs and has 1 HDMI output to TV or projector. One stereo output if needed.
So for this you would need up to 4 streaming devices: Firesticks, Onn's, AppleTV, etc,all 4 could be the same.
With this you could include ROKU's with TVE apps(Not CDVR), not dependent on m3u's like TiviMate.
I use it on my projector, it works great, each streaming box is only doing one stream, no buffering for quad.
There are multiple multi screen viewing options but only one good one, quad, all 4 the same size,
others have odd aspect ratios.
Not so easily portable, it would be on one TV or projector,
to move it you'd unplug the setup and move it to another TV.
IR remote is weak, I use a cheap IR learning remote with a stronger beam.

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Thank you very much for the comprehensive answer. Hopefully, the development team changes their position as the advancement in processing power is drastically increasing on devices.

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I have not seen any increase in processing power on any streaming device.
Think about Tivimate, it really is very easy.
One more thing, since your one streaming box is handling 2,3,4 streams it won't do pause/rew on any screen
Remember you have to use the TiviMate Companion app in the play store to sign up for the lifetime license. subscription.You need that to enable Multi-view or try to use Multiview and it should prompt you to subscribe.and pick your userID and PW.
If you can use CDVR you can handle Tivimate.
As with anything maybe a small learning curve to know how to set up and use the button presses to do things.
In Tivimate Multiview:
• Pressing left or right switches between multiview screens audio.
• Pressing up or down switches between multiview screen audio
• Long pressing the enter button, changes the multiview screen size
• Long pressing UP on a window sets multiview screen to full screen.
• Long press down to pause
• Long press right to add a screen
• Long press left to replace a screen
• Long press back to search

Did you see the new specs for the iPhone 15 Pro? Hardware accelerated ray tracking, AV1 decoder, etc. Each year apple's hardware is getting more and more powerful.

I did start looking into Tivimate, unfortunately I don't use any amazon, window or android devices for playback only AppleTV 4K's (latest gen) and iOS. That being said I've been able to see there are some apps on TVOS that are very similar to Tivimate, I just am doing a little more research on each's multiview specifically before buying one.

I've adopted the TiviMate and agree it's not that difficult to setup and works well. However, if Tivimate is able to do it, then I would think CDVR devs should be able to replicate it within Channels. That's the non-techie in me saying that, so I have no basis of my opinion other than if it's been done before, it can be done again.

Too both:
I don’t have any apple except my phone and I use it in a basic way so can’t
comment on apple.
Instead of searching around for something that runs on AppleTv(slim pickins) hold your nose and get a Walmart ONN $20, or Firestick and Any Iptv player you want.
Plus have the ONN JioPages browser or others.
If multiscreen is for sports, I think the ESPN app on appletv does quad multiscreen.
Devs doing multiscreen:
I think they have done it.
They supply the m3u and matching EPG
You only have to pick the Iptv player,
I like TiViMate but there are others.

if you have a server capable enough you can do this with a vlm config and use vlc to stream it via http or rtsp and then pipe that stream back into channels as a custom channel. works pretty well. also all the audio channels as listed as separate tracks if you want to switch audio. its not the greatest but it works.