Multiple Local Source Selection

For some movies, I have multiple local sources, such as a strmlink and local file from a ripped bluray or a DVR recording etc. This might also be an issue for other users who have strmlink for the same movie from multiple providers. I'm currently ripping Christmas Movies to create a virtual channel but already have those movies as strmlink to my iTunes purchases where I have a 4k upgrade. If I want to watch on demand then I would select the iTunes purchase, but for virtual channels I would watch the rip.

If multiple sources exist, I would like them to be merged rather than shown as duplicates and to be able to select which version of the movie I would like to watch.

Can this be considered please?

AIUI, the Apple devices already do this. A long-press of the "Watch" button will let you choose between sources, no?

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This request already exists in multiple threads. See:

Looks like there is quite the demand

I had to refresh the meta data for both sources for them to be matched but seems to work (they had different cover art) - thank you as I didn’t know the feature existed!

They do still seem to appear in my library twice though, is that normal?