Local content versus strmlnk

If there is local content (an mp4) and a strmlnk to a streaming service with that same title is there a way to ask channels to prioritize one over the other rather than to show both in the movie library.

I don’t believe so.


Is there a solution to this (e.g. merge a strmlnk and recording into one entry with choice of what to use).


They didn't get to it last year (2023). Maybe this year (2024)?

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Also looking for it with shows. For example, I record PBS Masterpiece theater with OTA but the OTA antenna for PBS is flakey at best in my area. Therefore, I strmlnk also. Would like those combined into one option that could be selected.

Looks like the very first step to this becoming a reality is underway:

That's progress! Just set expectations to SLOW...