Multiple sources -- inconsistent guide data across platforms

It seems that when combining multiple sources, I'm getting inconsistencies across platforms when accessing guide data. Here's my source setup:

  • Locast
  • TV Everywhere
  • HD Homerun Quatro

(I have them in the above order for priority).

On the web interface and Android devices, when accessing the guide data, I can see all of the channels and tune them as I see fit (low dotted numbers as OTA tuner, 59xx range for Locast, and 6xxx for TVE).

On FireTV and iOS devices, duplicated channels appear to hidden, regardless of whether I have them marked as favorites, or whether I select to show 'all'. There are no channel number collisions, so this 'hiding' appears to be totally unnecessary.

So, for example, in my area (Boston), I should be able to see WCVB across all sources as 5.1 (HDHR), 5902 (Locast), and 6001 (TVE). That's not the case on iOS or FireTV.

I understand the desire to prioritize while processing the DVR schedule, but if I choose to manually tune a channel source, I should be able to see it in the guide and select my source as I choose).

Any advice?

(edit) -- correction to the above -- Android suffers from the same 'hiding' when reprioritizing the tuners. The web interface behaves as it should.

I use all Apple TV's for the clients. I have to set the source priority on each Apple TV and also on each DVR (I have 2). The clients do not pull the source priority from the DVR.

In my case here in Los Angeles my LOCAST and HD Homerun Quatro (OTA) are pretty much the same channels (different numbers like CBS is 2.1 OTA and I think 5900 LOCAST). So, as not to confuse things I just unplugged my HD Homerun. I have only had 1 or 2 times where I lost a channel or two (like NBC) where I considered using the TVE NBC version which I normally have disable on each DVR TVE Source (same for TVE ABC and TVE FOX).

You may want to try unplugging the HD Homerun and disable the TVE ABC, NBC, FOX (6000-6002 I believe) and see if you are missing anything. Some say they like the TVE or OTA quality better then LOCAST and for sports want to switch. I think best to determine if you have a serious requirement for that to go thru the headaches.

Well, for my purposes, Locast (as it sounds like you've experienced occasionally) has reliability issues. Being able to go to the guide to select an alternate source, instead of rearranging the priority to get the channels to appear, clearly has a level of utility. In addition, going OTA for sports is always more desirable (avoids the buffering delay, etc.) However, as you probably also experienced, OTA has reliability issues all its own. Mine is OK most of the time, but weather/atmospheric conditions/time of year/etc. changes that.

It just seems odd that the web interface has it all, but other platforms vary in behavior.

Also, I'm not sure why you're disabling the TVE feeds. My DVR queue clearly shows the prioritization of the sources as I've defined them in the server's settings -- so having them there as a backup appears to have no negative effect.

I decide to play with it since you ask the question of why disabling the TVE Feeds. I think it was mainly to reduce confusion in the house. But after review I have decided to take your advice and remove the disable on the TVE NBC, ABC, FOX channels.

In review they all show up in the settings in my Apple TV but ONLY ABC (6001) shows up in the On Now and Guide even if I favorite them. But the advantage of having them in the settings if I have a problem with the LOCAST channels I can just disable them (LOCAST one) in the settings and the TVE version(s) will start to show up. The problem is they are not in the same order. I would prefer the option to have them next to the LOCAST channel (channel order). Which I can do with favorites but hard to manage with 8 Apple TV's. Once they allow for setting all of this in the DVR and then Sync with the Clients then maybe it will be a bit easier to manage.

Yeah, it seems like fiddling with Favorites can override some of the 'duplicate hiding' behavior -- it's certainly not consistent though.

From what I can tell, source priority is indeed set per client (not propagated from the server), but Favorite tagging is shared. In addition, setting/clearing Favorites reprioritizes the source selection of the queued recordings, regardless of the source priority. Very confusing, and not good.

I do agree that trying to keep things 'wife friendly' eases household tension :wink: I would just think that, with respect to the channel guide, that All means all... It does in the Web interface :-/