Multiple user access?

Is it possible to “share” user access with another gmail account at the same time? Every once in a while I need to log out and log back in to my family’s DVr from a remote location. I don’t really like sharing my passwords with anyone but would like to share the dvr with their account at the same time so they can log in with their credentials.


There is no good way to do this at the moment, as the DVR was designed primarily for personal use. I agree it would be useful to have, and it would also be cool to be able to set permissions to restrict guest access to specific channels only.


multiple user access would be amazing.


Hi @tmm1 - thought I'd circle back on this thread. I'd definitely enjoy guest access for visitors, etc. Any chance that's something that is being thought about going forward? (given it's been over a year since this thread)

This is not something that is a priority at the moment. We are focused on personal use since that's how most customers use the product.

I'll throw my hat in this too. Another reason I signed up for this was to allow guest access for my mom who is on a fixed budget and can't get locals with an antenna where she is. So I allow her access to my DVR so she can watch her beloved reality shows :roll_eyes:

Even just some sort of profiles for different people in the same household. I would love to see a personalized list of Up Next recordings that is different from my wife's. There are some shows that we each watch separately on our own time and it is hard to keep track of which episodes each of us have watched. Thanks for all the hard work you do!

Side tracking a little, and definitely would love to see multiple users, but use Trakt to keep track where each of us are. I generally use 'iShows TV' as the app that links to Trakt.

Yes. Need to be able o add users.
Would like to set normal, limited user who can view guide, watch live, set DVR recordings etc...but has no settings or admin access where they could fumble around and mess up things.