My Channel Collections Showcase

Hey everyone. I just wanted to show my Channel Collections and start a topic for everyone else to share how they're using them.


We don't have these showing at all time. Some are contextual based on the current time of year.

My favorite use of Channel Collections is being able to just throw in our "March Madness" collection during the tournament. It makes it so much easier to flip between the games, and takes 1 second to do.

Another thing I love about Channel Collections is being able to just toss in a Holiday based channel depending on the time of the year. Last week I turned on our Halloween virtual channel for the kids. I stuck it in the Movies and Kids collections.

Some of these use Automatic Channels rules and they're listed.

Channel Description Rules
Cams A few beach cams that show us the current conditions. N/A
Favorites Our choice selection of default channels. N/A
Kids Selection of kids channels including kids based Virtual Channels. Genres: Children
March Madness The 4 channels that broadcast the games. This is added/removed when the tournament is happening. It's super helpful to just throw in the mix during the tournament. N/A
Olympics The 4 channels that broadcast the Olympics. This is added/removed when the Olympics is happening. N/A
Movies A ton of our movie based Virtual Channels with other things pulled in via Automatic Channels. Content Type: Movies, Excluded Sources: Virtual Channels
News A selection of our favorite news channels with other things pulled in via Automatic Channels. Genres: News, Excluded Sources: Pluto TV
Sports A selection of our favorite sports channels with other things pulled in via Automatic Channels. Content Type: Sports, Excluded Sources: Pluto TV
TV Classics A ton of our Virtual Channels along with some Pluto channels. N/A
Music A selection of music video based channels. N/A


What do your Channel Collections look like? Show us! It's nice to get some new ideas.


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I've got a lot of overlap with the collections mentioned. In Addition, I've got a TV Specials collection (rules = TV and Specials), Movies On Now collection (yeah I know this shows in the on now section but this way I can view in guide format too). Lastly, I created a Main Channels collection. I threw in all of the channels I like to flip through in the order I'm familiar with from my old cable provider. I chose to set it up this way to easily sync with all of my clients. I also have favorite collections for everyone in the house. Channel Collections is definitely one of the features I make use of the most.

Great ideas! I love Channel Collections too, total game-changer of a feature. Has the interface of any cable box or DVR in existence ever come close to anything like this?

These are my Channel Collections at the moment. I love how quick and easy it is to modify them on-the-fly. And I love how emoji can be used in the names too :slight_smile:

:star:: Favorites
More: additional channels to surf through, that aren't quite Favorites
:tv:: Local TV. For local channels only.
News: so many news channels to choose from, all over the country and world. Along with a Virtual Channel that plays a daily selection of favorite news content
Sports: anything competitive
Classic TV: we also love nostalgia from the 70's-90's. Some Virtual Channels of classic sitcoms, and one for pilots only.
Comedy: anything funny, stand-up, etc. Virtual Channels of some favorite sitcoms, and an assortment of the latest late night talk shows...
Crime: anything law and (dis)order related
Geek: stream, sci-fi, tech, DIY, craftwork, STEM-related content
Reality: reality TV channels, in all of their guilty pleasure glory
Movies: self-explanatory
Music: so many music choices, streams and videos
:eye:: Eye candy. Webcams, screensavers, drone/aerials, visualizers, ambient video, artwork, etc. along with a Virtual Channel of Planet Earth documentaries and similar
Pluto: for browsing Pluto's entire guide
Stirr: for browsing Stirr's entire guide
STV+: for browsing Samsung TV+'s entire guide

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Oh, this gives me a great idea for a channel/video collection of backgrounds!

There's a lot of ambiance videos on YouTube that are reallllly great to throw on while playing music. I used to use YouTube, but I should just collect a ton to have them on the ready, and throw a channel in there with them.


There's always room for a good fireplace video or two, too. :slight_smile:
...or an aquarium, or an artwork slideshow...

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I know this is an older topic, but just wanted to say thanks for these suggestions! My channel collections have all been on the basic/functional side so far -- antenna channels, cable channels, and virtual channels, and that's it. Time to start getting a little more creative!

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