My terrible server performed amazing!

I just want to compliment the performance of the Channels server.

The other night, I saw my schedule had several TVE and HDHR recordings that were going to be happening simultaneously and even more back-to-back with overlap and figured this was a good chance to see what happens when it breaks. I have the server on a 13-year old repurposed laptop that I am pushing way beyond its useful life that had underwhelming specs even in its heyday.

Amazingly, everything recorded correctly, parsed the commercials, and there were no issues whatsoever! Count me impressed!


Channels is great. Do you watch video outside your house any? If not, you could get a Raspberry Pi to run the server. It would be a lot more energy efficient than that old laptop. They are cheap. Ours works great. We don't watch TV outside of the house.

In the before times, I was more apt to travel for work and such, so outside the home streaming was more important; but not as much nowadays. I've tested on my phone and have had no performance to complain about, so no issues there anyway.

Actually, I have a Raspberry Pi and it is doing various functions, including hosting the Dockers for Pluto and Stirr. I'm just not as comfortable in that type of interface, though, and prefer Windows, especially for how I manage things (not to bother to get into the specifics).

I prefer Windows too ...

Not trying to sell you on the Pi but it’s really easy to use. You just flash the image to the hard drive, plug it in and turn on the Pi. You’re good to go. The Channels devs have made it so easy to set up.

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Thanks, but it's not a good solution for me. I have other things running on the Pi totally unrelated to Channels that I barely understand how I got working in the first place and do not want to mess with them. I'm very happy with my crappy old laptop being a dedicated media server, especially with results like this.