NAS Brand/Models Poll


Which NAS would you like to use with Channels DVR?

  • Synology
  • WD My Cloud
  • QNAP
  • LaCie
  • Seagate Personal Cloud

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If you can make it work on the WD My Cloud 2tb model and upwards please. The 2tb is one of the cheapest NAS on the market so gives people a good low cost entry level point.


I actually picked Synology because I am using it now and I could only pick one. I have both the WDMyCloud and Synology. The Synology performed better when my Apple TV is on Ethernet so went with it. But that could have been an issue with the SD DVR. I assume on playback you were going thru the SD DVR Service.

I do think the WDMyCloud would be a better option to support because of the cost of ownership. I originally planned to buy 2. One for my wife’s programs and one for mine if there was no multi-user support on 1 DVR. Or course the client would need to support more then 1. Or at least default to 1 like we do with the turners.

Synology DS212+
WDMyCloud 4TB (Single Drive Model)


For anyone who answered the poll, please leave the model number of your NAS as a comment here too!


I updated my post with the model numbers. Does anyone know what HDHomeRun DVR NAS is using? I copied the same NAS Download to both my Synology and WDMyCloud. I was surprised it was the exact same BINARY.


“For anyone who answered the poll, please leave the model number of your NAS as a comment here too!”

Synology 1813+


I’m using a Synology DS115


Qnap TVS-EC1080-E3-16G




I have a QNAP TS-469L


I have WD My Cloud EX4100


I’m using a Synology DS415+


Synology DS716+ here


I am using a Synology DS216Play.


Drobo 4-bay into Apple AirPort Extreme


I have a Synology 1812+


I’m using an older 1TB WD My Cloud model # WDBCTL0010HWT. It works great with the HDhomerun DVR recording engine.


I have a Synology 1511+


I have a Synology DS214Play