NAS gone wrong

Good Day everybody. ever since I switched my DVR over to my synology DS 220+ NAS it has been extremely slow! when I go to a channel it takes 30 seconds to come on..I mean literally 30+ seconds...once its on then it works pretty good. until it gives me the "lost connection" error. I get the pretty often.

sometimes I also have to put back in the ip of the server as well

I would love some help with this!

Does this happen on all channel sources, or just TVE? Are all components hard wired to the network? Are you running the native Synology package for the server?

Yup we would need a lot more information to have a clue of what is going on. If wireless anywhere try to rule that out and plug in by wire. I do know my ds920+ during commercial skip scanning takes a hit. But nothing to what you are saying. I also added more ram to my nas. You might be on the edge of not having enough at 2 gigs of ram. My system at idle uses 1.3 gig of ram. Granted that is with surveillance cameras, docker, plex and of course channels running on it.

Sounds like a TVE channel. When it happens take a look at the DVR log.

Is your NAS set to have a reserved DHCP IP address from your router?
If not, highly recommended.
If it is, sounds like a bug on the Apple TV.

it is definitly a TVE channel...that is my only source...I previously had channels set up with a mac mini and I didn't have this be honest I didn't have this issue when I originally connected the NAS. I haven't had any issues with losing the ip lately but it is still taking super long to pull up a channel

If you're not familiar with reading the DVR log, next time you encounter the problem submit diagnostics from the DVR and let them know you submitted so the devs can take a look.
Without seeing your logs, my guess is it's taking a long time to either auth the channel or establish the stream connection.
Usually once a channel is authorized it will tune fairly fast until its auth expires.
This has to be done for every TVE channel that requires authorization from your provider.

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How busy is your synology? I run channels off mine without issue. I have HD home run tuners as well as TVE without issue. Are you on DSM 7? are you drives full? are you running a vm's or anything else making the system slow?

my drives aren't full...the only other thing I run is my music and movies library but I don't use those often...The only thing I really do on it is run channels right now.

I am on DSM 7

I didn't think of this since I had upgraded my ram. I never have ram issues. I'm running 16 gig and sitting at 7% ram. I do know that my apple TV is iffy at 2.4 ghz. When I switch to 5 gig it goes away. I get tuner issues sometimes but not often. Maybe upgrading the ram and ensuring the apple TV is on a clean wifi channel would help.

where can i get more ram? I'm not using a lot but the apple tv is on wifi I will look at the quality

I think I ordered mine from crucial direct. i don't trust amazon not to sell fake ram.

Before ordering more RAM ... do you have mechanical disks or SSDs. I have mechanical disks and had to configure my NAS to always keep the disk spinning. Once I did that, all my latency issues disappeared.

In the Synology Admin Console, open the Control Panel > Hardware & Power > HDD Hibernation. Uncheck all the boxes and set both dropdowns to 'None'. I hope this helps.

Before you drop cash on more RAM I would highly recommend hard wiring the Apple TV to the same switch as the DVR server, at least temporarily to test. That will help rule out wifi issues. Wifi is a very finicky beast. Stringing an Ethernet cable across the house for a few minutes will answer a lot of questions, if you can get your hands on one long enough.

Yup I agree to try to cheapest things first. Direct connect to see if your symptoms go away. I used to be all for wireless and it seems like no matter how much it improves. There is always some weirdness that happens from time to time or just straight up fails.

Also if you are looking for official ram for synology you can find what you need here.

4gb stick D4NESO-2666-4G
(This is the only option recommended for your machine)

Amazon sells it at $89.99. I never said it was cheap but guaranteed to work.

hahaha ok that's good to know..

ok I just did that...but will that lower the lifespan? I have mechanical disks also

wow...I actually have about 7 apple tvs...I'm going to test each one to see if I get the same symptoms

wow. 7 apple TVs? That makes me believe that is just the start and you might have a lot of IOT and other wireless devices. The obvious solution might be to upgrade your wifi router. a lot of people keep routers as long as they are working but you prob have an older router with now a ton of devices all sharing the same old router. trying out your apple TV will most likely verify the issue isn't the apple TV, which is good. Then you you can narrow down to the NAS or your network. Will all the devices you mist likely have, it's prob your network congestion and there are different solutions for that. However, the NAS is awesome and you might find yourself doing more fun things with it and you prob would benefit from adding more RAM either way. It might not be your problem but not a a bad upgrade either. As show above, you can go the official route and only put synology RAM in your NAS or you can go the route and add unofficial RAM and also exceed the stated mount the system supports like I have done. This is very common practice and your NAS can be stable. However quality RAM is a must. People have reported having issues with unbranded RAM. If you want this route, by direct from Crucial or Kingston. Hope you find your solution. Good luck.

I have had this set up for some time...the only change was from a mac mini to a DS220+.

My network is a Unifi network with several access points through out my home (yeah I know a bit much but I'm a nerd). 5 of the apple tvs are wired. When I get home those are gonna be the ones I test.

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Fancy. I honestly think we are all nurds on here. Go figure.