Navigate via Page Down instead of row down?

Can the firetv navigate the channel guide by scrolling entire pages instead of individual channels by row?

In other words, when I press the down button on the remote, the channel selector moves down 1 row/channel. I'd like something that would skip the entire page and go to the next page of channels.

Maybe like pressing the fast forward button.

edit: adding feature request tag. Make the fast forward/reverse button on the regular firetv remote act as pageup/pagedown on the channel guide.

If you use a remote or keyboard with CH +/- or Page Up/Down, it will scroll by pages.

If you use a third-party remote, it will work.

just have the firetv remote.

Unfortunately, the Fire TV remote is quite limited. If you wish for a more complete experience, I would recommend upgrading your remote.

Another avenue you can check into is HDMI-CEC. This would be using your TV's remote to pass commands through to the Fire TV. The problem with this route is that all manufacturers have wildly varying levels of support for CEC, even across a single product line. If your TV offers a relatively complete level of CEC support, you can use your TV remote to page through the guide using the CH +/- buttons.

is there a way to add in known non-Amazon remote commands to Harmony? Harmony does a great job of replicating and integrating, but it's missing the additional available commands.

Just use a different device, like the Nvidia Shield or similar.

You mean “not a fire tv,” tagged in a fire tv forum :slight_smile:

You can add a dummy nvidia device on your Harmony, and then when you use those commands (or map them to remote keys), they get sent to the active device (in this case a firetv).

No. Just select a different Android device as your type instead of a Fire TV device. The commands the remote sends are generic, so Home on a Shield is the same as Home on a Fire TV. The Shield just has more commands known in the Harmony database.

Nice! I’ll try that.

Anyone have the page up/down working in the On Now section? Thanks.

As far as I know, paging is only supported in the Guide; the On Now and Library sections do not support paging.

If you try to scroll up, in the On Now guide, it stops because the cursor changes to the category option at the top. The page option could prevent carpal tunnel, haha. But seriously, has anyone asked for this option and is there a software issue preventing the devs from implementing this?