NBCSN steam not live

Hi guys, as the title suggests my NBCSN stream isn't working and hasn't for a couple of days.

I have multiple TVE sources which all offer the channel and I have the latest dvr update installed as well.

All other channels are working great. Any ideas?

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Same issue here. If I go to the app and authenticate with my FIOS credentials the stream works.

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**NBC Sports app I meant. That stream is working but not in Channels.

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Same here. It rescans properly but still not live. Works properly on the app and nbcsb site.

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I checked also, its not working


Thanks for the feedback guys. It goes to show how good channels is that I'd rather watch tv via this than any other streaming app. Great job guys :raised_hands:

I am also experiencing this issue.
When I switch to NBCSN it says "Tuner Not Responding" and the log says
"Failed to start stream on channel 6161 via TVE-Cox: TVE: Stream not live"

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Fixed in latest build

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Thanks tmm1, I'll try it again later :+1:

Downloaded latest, still says stream not live.

Still not working. Stream not live, even after a rescan.

Something weird going on I guess. It's not loading on http://stream.nbcsports.com/nbcsn/ either

Looks like streaming NBCSN is no longer supported. I can only stream with the NBCSN apps. I cant stream the olympic channel but its still working through channels.

I looked in to this a bit more -

They appear to have changed the (desktop browser) streaming URL.
http://stream.nbcsports.com/nbcsn/ throws up a "Coverage has concluded for the Day" message and it still doesn't work. However, if you click on the NBC menu you then get a list of programs and can start the stream by clicking the "Live" For example, the stream as I write this is the "Blues versus Bruins" hockey game.
The challenging for TVE is that NBC may be altering the URL for each (type of?) program. The stream url for this program is: http://stream.nbcsports.com/nhl/nhl-on-nbcsn-watch-live So not sure how the TVE developers could anticipate that change for the different types of content NBC is running. (Hockey, soccer etc) Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and the old URL comes back.

you sure about that? the stream works fine on the nbcsn site if you whitelist it under flash in chrome settings. watching the game right now, but channels says its not live.

same Behavior with ATT TV Now service. Can watch via app but not channels.

I think NBC has gone to different URL for each event versus the generic one they used to use. The http://stream.nbcsports.com/nbcsn/ doesn't work anymore but the one for the live game http://stream.nbcsports.com/premier-league/newcastle-united-wolverhampton-wanderers works fine. TVE is still using the old URL I bet.

Iā€™m getting stream not live is there a fix for this coming?

NBCSN is no longer streaming online. Their normal programming only viewable through providers apps and cable providers. The network disappeared from their app also. There are only live stream of some events. Im not sure if its temporary.

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Same issue for me. I get message "Error: TVE: Stream not live" when trying to watch NBC Sports. I am using Spectrum.