Networked drives

Just updated to ver 2020.03.19.2121 of the dvr on a windows pc. Is there anyway to see my mapped network drives. I'm only seeing locally connected drives my movies are on my nas that is mapped as a drive on my pc

Did you install the DVR to run as a service? IIRC, Windows does not allow mapped network drives to be available to services. Perhaps someone else has encountered this situation?

Yes installed as a service. Does anyone know if I connect the mybook via usb to the pc will it come up as a physical drive

Check out this thread & post for a possible solution:

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Thanks I'll give it a try

tried all of the above not sure what to do after editing the registry. if i delete channels as a service will network drive then be visible?

I'd suggest rebooting the system, but I have no Windows machines to test with.