NEW: Channels for Android runs on Windows 11

Channels can now be downloaded and run on Windows 11, using the new Android Subsystem for Windows.

Search for "Channels: Whole Home DVR" in the Amazon AppStore


I have had Channel DVR app on my Win11 laptop for some time. If i recall, i side loaded the Android APK. Worked fine back when i played with it. Though I have not touched it in several months.

How is this Amazon App store version different from sideloading the normal Android APK? And will it display as on Android TV, not the mobile phone type UI?

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No difference. You can point and click to install vs trying to figure out how to sideload.


Thanks for the response.

Why won't the UI change to the TV UI, the resolution is high enough that mobile UI just is not practical. it been long time since i messsd with Android apps, but back in the day, DPI level of device would trigger the change in the UI used.

OK, I'll be the first bozo to ask: Does this mean there is hope for a native Mac app? Please please please...

This is the android app working on windows.

The iPad app current works on macOS. It requires an Apple Silicon Mac.

Well, sort of. The iPad app will run on an M1 Mac, but I wouldn’t say it “works”. :grinning:

Well, sort of. The iPad app will run on an M1 Mac, but I wouldn’t say it “works”. :grinning:

Respectfully disagree - the iOS version works great on an M1 mac, especially with the most recent round of bugfixes & enhancements (multi-monitor support, dynamic On-Now grid when resizing window, etc.). It's pretty rockin' if you haven't tried it recently.


This is fantastic!!

How did you get it to open full screen without the title bar?

Nevermind. F11 duh. Now if there’s a way to do it by default.

@mhamdingo I tried it not long ago, and it was still kind of clunky. But per your suggestion, I am giving it another try. I just downloaded it - I will keep you posted!

@mhamdingo You are right! The iPad version is much better now in MacOS! I am so happy to not have to transcode every time I watch from my computer - Which is very often. But I did notice that the picture isn't quite as sharp as the web player. Does anyone know of any settings that I can/should adjust to fix that, or is that just how it is?

If I had to guess it's probably just the nature of hardware vs software decoding. You could try messing with the alternate decoder and/or deinterlacer in the app settings, but I'm not sure if that will help in this regard.

The android app runs great on Windows 10 when one uses the BlueStacks Android emulator.

I've been using it on my laptop and desktop for a couple of years.


What are the advantages of doing this over using the native Windows web interface?

Well for one thing, it works on Windows 10, whereas the native Windows interface just arrived with Windows 11. Some folks are happy with Windows 10 and don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11, so it’s good they have an option for this sort of thing, too.


But Channels already works in Windows 10 using a web browser. So how is emulating the Android app better?

Works great with BlueStacks...... Thanks

That's how I use it most of the time.

My guess is they want to use features not in the DVR web UI.